Adventure Life VOYAGES is dedicated to reminding our travelers of the beauty and wonder of our planet. Itineraries are designed to offer the best of each region, while at the same time ensuring a positive impact on the local culture and environments. And we do this without sacrificing hospitality or comfort. Put aside all existing views of a typical cruise. Small-ship expeditions take you into the most secluded and unique parts of the world, and offer a perfect combination of exploration, adventure and relaxation. Our VOYAGES bring you personal experiences with like-minded travelers from around the globe.

We've done the research, and offer our unbiased opinions and objective feedback. Whether you are looking for an icebreaker or research vessel, or a specialty designed luxury yacht, each vessel offers numberous itineraries and destinations to fit the needs of any traveler. Our years of experience help guide you to the best trip and ship for you.

Travel should be unexpected and fascinating. It should awaken questions and encourage answers. Part of our job is to make travel easier, but mostly we want our expedition voyages to make travel important, rewarding, and extraordinary.

Easter Island moai head sculptures
World Travelers!
Our world is connected by waterways. Unlike any other form of travel, an expedition cruise opens the world to exploration, providing journeys from the ancient marvels of the Mediterranean to mystifying Easter Island. Destinations are chosen for the natural beauty and their rich culture. Icebreakers traverse frozen waters of the Antarctic and Arctic. Luxury yachts follow Africa's Cape Verde to the Canary Islands. The destination is up to you -- an expedition cruise provides you with the means to turn ordinary travel into a world adventure.
Walrus viewing on Arctic cruise
Unexpected and Unpredictable
While itineraries are designed to explore the best of each region, they allow room for the unpredictable and unexpected surprises that make each trip, each destination, unique. It is impossible to plan for a humpback whale gracing the underbelly of your zodiac. Or a cultural exchange with a Peruvian woman in the Azapa Valley. Or a fiery sunset over the Niger River. Or a howler-monkey lingering in the surrounding jungles of Tikal's ancient Maya ruins. Possibilities are as exciting as they are endless!
The Journey Begins Onboard
Expedition vessels are uniquely designed to handle the seas' powerful passageways, and are small enough to manipulate into isolated regions out of reach to larger ships. Watch the sunset over the Pacific horizon or playful porpoises race along the bow. Wake up to brilliant blue icebergs or the Amazon jungle whose trees are alive with monkeys and macaws. Comfortable cabins, attractive cuisines, cozy libraries and eye-opening lectures where onboard naturalists welcome questions -- small ships have a relaxing and friendly atmosphere where travelers can share the afternoon swapping stories of the day's adventure.
Responsible Travel
The vessels we work with are experienced and licensed to assure that all of our travelers are safe and sound. But they go beyond just doing things by the book. A variety of the vessels are members of organizations such as IAATO, IGTOA, and AECO; organizations which recognize the close relationship between delicate environments and the travel industry. Before onshore excursions, travelers are educated on the "Dos and Don'ts" of responsible travel and how to be an active participant in preserving local ecology and culture. Many yachts also take independent initiatives to support sustainable efforts, such as the cleaning of the Spitsbergen coast or contributions to local Amazonian communities.
King Penguin Colony
Group Dynamic
To encourage sustainable and low-impact travel, group size is kept to a minimum. Small groups also offer the very best cultural experiences and increase our chances of seeing wildlife. You'll journey the world with like-minded travelers - many form friendships that continue well beyond their trip. Expedition guides and onboard naturalists are highly skilled and educated. They are professionals in their fields, and often hold university degrees in anthropology, biology, geology or other relevant disciplines. Guides eagerly share their insight of each region, and help prepare you for daily excursions. We're all a big family here and trip leaders are chosen for their knowledge, friendliness, and charisma! They are there to help as much or as little as needed.