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Arrival in Dakar
West Africa Cruise on the Pegasus

Early this morning arrived at the Dakar airport, I very busy place where everyone offers to help, but it comes with a price, I find the shuttle to the Hotel where I meet up with Mitch, Valerie and Don. Mitch and I take the ferry to Gorree Island to the history of slave trade in Senegal, this is point from which they were loaded on ships and taken to North America. Every where here you meet people who want to talk to you and help you find your way, the biggest issue is they want you to pay them for there help even when you do not need it, but that is easy to overcome and enjoy the city. Met Don and Valerie for lunch back in Dakar, Pizza, and then found the dock and boarded our ship the Pegasus. Dinner on board and we set sail at Midnight.