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Djiffere/Joal Fadiouth/Banjul
West Africa Cruise on the Pegasus

This morning we reached the Saloun Delta in Senegal where we anchor off the villiage of Djiffere and start out over the road to Joal Fadiouth, along the way we see cattle farmers and men collecting salt. Joal Fadiouth is a island of Shells there are everywhere on the ground, in the buildings, the people are very friendly. We visit a cemetary where people are buried in the shells. We have lunch in the village and then go to see a giant Baobab tree, that is hollow and you can climb inside then return to ship by Motor pirogue and sail to Banjul, the capital of The Gambia. Tonight is Fisherman's Night on the ship, seafood buffet for dinner and docked in Banjul.