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Kuntaur/River Gambia National Park
West Africa Cruise on the Pegasus

This morning we sail upstream to Kuntaur, along the way we see dolphins, we relax on board for the morning, the crew is great and the ship is very nice. After we arrive in Kuntaur in the afternoon a large motor pirogue picks us up and takes us on a 3 hours cruise in River Gambia National park, we are meet by park rangers and cruise along Baboon Island, We see Hippos, Baboons and even a quick look at a chimp that is part of rehabilitation project on the island. Once again we see birds, It is what the Gambia is know for. We return to Kuntaur where a local dance group performs for us, it includes the Kankurang, which is said to dispense justice and ward off evil spirts, back on board the ship we have another great dinner.