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Tendada/Baobolong Reserve/Kiang West National park
West Africa Cruise on the Pegasus

After breakfast on board we board pirogues to explore the Baobolong reserve, we cruise the bolongs (Creeks) as we see so many birds can not report them all but Herrons, Eagles, vultures, Kingfishers are amoung them, we saw a Marsh Mongoose, but the highlight is the Fish Otters who came running to river bank to see us out on the pirogues, was a very cool experience and a great 3 hours!! Then back to ship for lunch. We go ashore in Tendaba and take a swiss army truck ride to Batelling and have a refreshment stop and visit with the villiagers, before setting off on a 5K hike back to Tendaba, along the way we saw over 30 different birds, Rollers, Weavers, Doves and Parrots amoung them and also saw a red Colobus Monkey. Then back to the ship and dinner onboard.