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A Whale of a Day!
Stepping back in time aboard the SS Legacy

Our scheduled for today was titled "Cruising for Critters" meaning we'd spend the day in passage from Glacier Bay down to Sitka and hopefully find something in between to keep us content as guests onboard.  There were several items on the schedule.  Yoga was in the morning followed by our scheduled massages.  Then a poker tournament with Captain Dano in the Pesky Barnacle Lounge.  And in the afternoon more yoga and then a few of the deckhands would teach us all how to tie the ship knots.  In the moments between we expected to stare out the window and just cruise along - a book in one hand and cappuccino in the other.

Apparently the WHALES had another plan in mind!  Our crew informed us that they hoped to see one or two but the majority had already migrated down the coast to warmer waters. 
Whales bubble net feedingWhales bubble net feeding (Lynessa Nelson)

Humpback whales tailHumpback whales tail (Lynessa Nelson)