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Back to Quito
Adventure to the Amazon and the Galapagos (land based)

We flew back to Quito and stayed for the day until our next flight to the Galapagos. Quito is an awesome city, and we would like to go back and have more time to explore. You can see the mountain tops that surround the city, and it was definitely much colder climate than the hot, humidity of the jungle. So bring layers. But one of our guides recommended Mosaico cafe, and we met up with another couple we met at Sacha. Mosaico is perched on top of a hill that over looks much of the old town of Quito. We got there just before the sunset, and we had a terrific view, this country is beautiful from the jungles to the cities...and we hadn't even been to the Galapagos yet!

We didn't realize what a great view it would be and so left our cameras in the hotel, so the only picture I have is from my far inferior phone. So, if you go bring your camera.