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Amazon Adventure - 8 Day Ecuador

We kayaked for about four hours, mostly in the rain. The river snaked through the vast forest offering glimpses of monkeys high in the canopy. We learned to watch for them where tall trees grew close together.
We arrived at the Huaorani community well after dark. This was the home of one of our porters, so it felt very special. I loved meeting the indigenous people. I spoke a few words in their native language of Wao. Their smiles and clapping hands let me know that they appreciated my efforts. For me, a marked experience happened when we visited a school where our guide distributed the gifts we brought for the children.
Once settled in our camp site, we could see the brightness of the moon through the nylon tent; comforting as a bedside light. The patter of rain, the monotonous chirps, clicks, and croaks sang our nighttime lullaby.