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Day 6
Voyage to Heart of Amazon

Began as all of the others, but am now plagued by bug bites, wet socks, nightmares of pink dolphins disguised as sailors and naked women riding jaguars. Am afraid the Malarone may not be working - seem to be delusional. Our captors made us swim in the black waters, where just yesterday I observed them catching the flesh eating piranha. In a show of benevolence they cooked our evening meal on the fire, then gave us a strong concoction to drink. I suspect it is what their Captain has been consuming - as everyone who drank it became loud and began to sing. Their eyes soon glazed over and they broke into a tribal dance, thrusting both hips and pelvis' in an unseemly manner. The voodoo magic of the jungle is working. We are becoming some strange, new tribe. Must find a way out and soon!