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Day 7
Voyage to Heart of Amazon

I woke in a dream state this morning - Howler Monkeys screaming in my ears. It felt as if the talons of a Red Headed Vulture were searing into my brain. Then the pounding, the pounding wouldn't stop! I startled, jumping up to open the door - only to discover the pounding was not on the door, but in my head. They tell us we may return to civilization in the morning - for a price. Alas, had I known what the ransom would be, I'd of sent it and foregone such torture. But I fear our freedom arrives too late, as this new tribe has now formed - forever linked by shared sufferings and e-mail. I feel my sanity returning as I am allowed to have contact with the outside world once more. My fingers fumble clumsily with the cell phone. I will recover - but am forever changed.