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Le Boreal
The Orion
Sail in style on luxury expedition vessel National Geographic Explorer
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Antarctica travel reveals the dramatic extremes of a frozen continent. It holds the title of coldest, driest, windiest, and highest elevation on earth. Some of the most luxurious expedition ships found in the world also visit Antarctica.

Antarctica Luxury Expedition Ships

The Corinthian
Recently re-launched after extensive refurbishment, redecoration and other improvements, the all-suite Corinthian offers the finest in small-ship cruise travel. Taken together with her limited guest capacity, excellence of design, craftsmanship, and …
  • $8,690 - $14,790 USD
Antarctica, Africa, South America, Europe, Mediterranean, Scotland, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Spain, …
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The L'Austral, sister ship to the Le Boreal, is the fruit of Italian expertise and French sophistication. A superb mega-yacht with 132 cabins, the L'Austral links tradition and innovation, cruising to worldwide destinations in luxury. Launched in 2011, …
  • $4,820 - $51,540 USD
Asia, Arctic, Antarctica, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, South Pacific, Alaska, Mediterranean, …
Le Boreal
Le Boreal
Strength and style 'Le Boreal' features elegant design and innovative state-of-the-art marine technology. The vessel boasts a convenient and sensible layout, aided by three passenger elevators. She offers a single seating dining room, al fresco …
  • $14,995 - $37,995 USD
Asia, Arctic, Caribbean, Antarctica, North America, South America, Europe, Central America, Iceland, Norway, …
The National Geographic Explorer
National Geographic Explorer
The National Geographic Explorer is a state-of-the-art expedition ship accommodating 148 guests in 81 outside cabins. It is fully stabilized, enabling it to navigate polar passages while providing comfort. The National Geographic Explorer houses …
  • $7,690 - $47,960 USD
Asia, Arctic, Caribbean, Antarctica, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Central America, Mediterranean, …