Antarctica Travel Video: Leave the Pebbles for the Penguins

A little reminder in the principles of Leave No Trace is always a good idea. This short video from my last Antarctica trip provides just that. Although a tiny pebble might seem insignificant, they are incredibly coveted by Antarctica penguins -- penguins make their nests from small pebbles, that are not always easy to come by in the snowy, stark environment. Seen here in a short clip are Gentoos (and I believe a chinstrap sneaks into the clip) doing a little nest building and ongoing maintenance. Penguin pebble thieves are everywhere... watching the constant back and forth, tug-of-war methods of penguins as the steal each others' pebbles gets comical, especially because the polar-thieves obviously have no shame! As travelers, we must remember how significant the most seemingly insignificant items might be. So remember, take pictures and leave the pebbles for the penguins.

And as always, travel well!