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Land Ahoy!
Antarctica Adventure with Sea Kayaking

We all gathered again in the lecture room
There was much to learn in this briefing today
As we were going to have our first Antarctica landing
The start of great things that will surely come our way

That meant one thing, and one thing only
We are getting closer to Antarctica, for sure
And looming in the distance was a majestic scene
Dramatic, high-cliffed mountains resting on a black shore

Our first landing, penguin colonies were everywhere
And we couldn't believe how deep the snow was when stepping-off the shore
But we didn't hesitate to follow Jenny on this difficult snow path
To see another scenic view, and one worth waiting for

Seals were cuddled together
In a truly magnificent bay
We were surrounded my majestic mountains
And all around us, enormous rocks jetting every which way

What a great day it was
Our first landing with the Aurora crew
We were up close and personal with penguins and seals
A photographer's dream come true