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At sea -- getting into the swing/roll of things
Antarctica - pure awe for 19 days...

Day 2 was spent at sea, getting adjusted to the rolling boat and enjoying the excitement of each new bird species flying overhead. The zoom lenses were everywhere, with panicky blurry shots in the distance. Ultimately patience won the war and the birds would eventually come quite close to the boat, pause, smile, position appropriately to the sun, wink, and fly off on their journey.

The weather was quite nice. Our crew delivered a couple lectures and we learned the proper procedures for the rest of our journey. Meals were an adventure, especially when the ship was rolling, with people catching each other and learning the art of stable-walking while holding a plate of food and precarious liquid. I'm still not sure how the waitresses did it with trays of wine glasses -- they were SKILLED. The age range of passengers went well into the 70s/80s, including a fellow with Parkinson's, but they were just as agile as the 20-something traveling with his father. I checked my presumptions at the door and was amazed by the adaptability and adventurous spirit of all the passengers.