My first snowman! (Walter Woods)
My first snowman!
Whale Breaching (Walter Woods)
Whale Breaching
Strike-a-pose (Walter Woods)
What a day! (Walter Woods)
What a day!
Rock'n on New Years Eve! (Walter Woods)
Rock'n on New Years Eve!
Keep lov'n our planet! (Walter Woods)
Keep lov'n our planet!
Rotten Ice (Walter Woods)
Rotten Ice
Should I jump? (Walter Woods)
Should I jump?
Seals hang'n (Walter Woods)
Seals hang'n
Reflections from the Bottom of the World (Walter Woods)
Reflections from the Bottom of the World
Penguin Hangout (Walter Woods)
Penguin Hangout
Nature's nurturing moment (Walter Woods)
Nature's nurturing moment
Iceberg with a view (Walter Woods)
Iceberg with a view
Nurturing nature (Walter Woods)
Nurturing nature
Nature's beauty (Walter Woods)
Nature's beauty
Antarctic Birds (Walter Woods)
Antarctic Birds
Antarctica Glacier (Walter Woods)
Antarctica Glacier
Wind blown (Walter Woods)
Wind blown
Anarctic Chick (Walter Woods)
Anarctic Chick
Battle of the Canoe Leaders (Walter Woods)
Battle of the Canoe Leaders
Penguins Flying (Walter Woods)
Penguins Flying
Splash (Walter Woods)
Antarctic Birds (Walter Woods)
Antarctic Birds
Seal Dreaming (Walter Woods)
Seal Dreaming
On top of the bottom of the world (Walter Woods)
On top of the bottom of the world
Antarctica 2012 (Walter Woods)
Antarctica 2012
Penguin on top of the bottom of the world (Walter Woods)
Penguin on top of the bottom of the world
Channel view (Walter Woods)
Channel view
Antarctic Tunnel (Walter Woods)
Antarctic Tunnel
Floating Ice (Walter Woods)
Floating Ice
Whale sighting! (Walter Woods)
Whale sighting!
Skyfall (Walter Woods)
Antarctic mirror II (Walter Woods)
Antarctic mirror II
Penguin highway II (Walter Woods)
Penguin highway II
Blue II (Walter Woods)
Blue II
Penguin highway (Walter Woods)
Penguin highway
Antarctic Mirror (Walter Woods)
Antarctic Mirror
Blue Ice (Walter Woods)
Blue Ice
Reflection (Walter Woods)
Iceburg coaster (Walter Woods)
Iceburg coaster
Antarcitc View (Walter Woods)
Antarcitc View
Moving on (Walter Woods)
Moving on
Trails (Walter Woods)
Outward bound (Walter Woods)
Outward bound
Antarctic Glacier (Walter Woods)
Antarctic Glacier
Antarctic Mountain (Walter Woods)
Antarctic Mountain
Blue (Walter Woods)
Antarctic Parking (Walter Woods)
Antarctic Parking
Bird's View (Walter Woods)
Bird's View
Other worldly II (Walter Woods)
Other worldly II
They're here! (Walter Woods)
They're here!
Panoramic View (Walter Woods)
Panoramic View
The Ortelius (Walter Woods)
The Ortelius
Welcome to our oasis (Walter Woods)
Welcome to our oasis
Iceberg tunnel (Walter Woods)
Iceberg tunnel
Mountain with a view (Walter Woods)
Mountain with a view
World travelers (Walter Woods)
World travelers
Love III (Walter Woods)
Love III
Ushuaia wide angled (Walter Woods)
Ushuaia wide angled
Wishing you were here (Walter Woods)
Wishing you were here
Going places (Walter Woods)
Going places
Beach front view (Walter Woods)
Beach front view
Look at those cameras (Walter Woods)
Look at those cameras
Odd couple (Walter Woods)
Odd couple
Natural Love (Walter Woods)
Natural Love
Antarctic thinker (Walter Woods)
Antarctic thinker
Jump! (Walter Woods)
Not too close (Walter Woods)
Not too close
My peeps (Walter Woods)
My peeps
Natural beauty (Walter Woods)
Natural beauty
Who are you? (Walter Woods)
Who are you?
Excursion ready (Walter Woods)
Excursion ready
Love II (Walter Woods)
Love II
Reflections of a bird (Walter Woods)
Reflections of a bird
Ready for another continent (Walter Woods)
Ready for another continent
Are we there yet? (Walter Woods)
Are we there yet?
Iceberg Flight (Walter Woods)
Iceberg Flight
Reflective Light (Walter Woods)
Reflective Light
Almost there (Walter Woods)
Almost there
Antarctic view (Walter Woods)
Antarctic view
Walter Woods
Antarctica/ South America Trip (Argentina-Ushuaia) 2012