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The Best Remedy for Sea Sickness
Antarctica, the Falklands, and South Georgia

Or was it a hangover? The lines are blurry. But like many a New Year's Day, we spent this one doing varied and sundry nap-related activities. Like napping. A great remedy for whatever ails you. And not the worst way to pass a day at sea.

In between the naps (did I mention the naps?) we'd visit the lounge or` the dining room for one of the various educational lectures. Today we had talks about photography (by Ira the Photographer-in-residence), albatross ID (by Steve the Bird Man), and Shackleton's journey (by Dave the Historian). Perhaps followed by a visit to the bridge to look for birds. And then back to the napping. The night was rounded out by a movie in the lounge: a disappointing chick flick, but you can't please everyone. And besides, if you don't like the movie, there's always, you know, napping.