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Crossing the Circle! (Drake Passage, Day 3)
Crossing the Circle, Antarctica 2011

Today is the day that we cross below the Antarctic Circle! (66 degrees 33' South) We all gather on the bow of the ship for a photo and a toast of hot cocoa & rum and the captain blows the ships horn as we cross the circle. The expedition crew said at that moment we were further south than any other civilian (i.e. non-military or scientist) in the world. I'm getting chills even now remembering the moment!

Today we vacuumed all of our clothing & bags that we were planning to take with us on landings just to make sure we didn't transport any seeds or other plant/animal particles to the Continent where it can threaten the native habitat. And the day's lectures: Amundson the Sportsman, Scott the Hero? and Glacial Ice.