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Port Lockroy
Crossing the Circle, Antarctica 2011

We were meant to also land on Goudier Island which was right near Port Lockroy, but there were too many penguins to land the zodiacs without disturbing them. So we cruised around the island to see some of the whale skeletons, mostly Gentoo penguins (and 1 Chinstrap!) and pick up some of the popping ice.

We took turns landing at Port Lockroy which has a museum, gift shop & post office. It is also a working British research station that was operated by 4 women scientists this past year. We were one of the last tours of the season & they were shutting down for the winter. We sent postcards at the post office, but the last pickup had already come & gone...the next pickup is November 2011. Today was my sister's birthday so I sent her a postcard. Sorry Amber...I think your b-day postcard is going to be late! So crazy to think of our postcards sitting in that little red metal mailbox the entire winter season. We also got a stamp in our passports here!