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Dandelions in November
Imprinting Beauty

Dandelions...I know they are technically weeds, but they contain such bright, happy shades of yellow. Its spring at the tip of South America and with that comes the dandelions. Their explosion of yellow catches the eye and stands out amongst the green grass creating a focal point with shiny white caps and blue skies as a backdrop. Tall snow peaked mountains hug the “southern most city of the world” with the bay on one side. This is where I am...so far from home...soaking in the magnificent panorama.

People on the streets...mostly hikers, are here to hike the surrounding glaciers. There's an atmosphere of excitement and joy. I wonder how many visitors are going to Antarctica. I wonder if any of them will be on my boat.

Adventures are just waiting to happen, and I've already had so many getting down here!

In a few hours I’ll be leaving...floating on the water in a vessel headed for that beautiful silent continent.

Finally A n t a r c t i c a