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Discovery and Aitcho Bay
The White Continent onboard the Antarctic Dream

We have arrived!! We had an early wake up call and charged to breakfast. We were then split into two zodiac teams -- Shakelton and Amundsen. They called one team, and they were able to get into the boats. Once they were on shore, then our team was able to go. We could fit about 15 people into one boat. I was impressed with the drivers. They were efficient, and it did not take long to get 75 people onto our landings. I was snuggled up in my loaned parka from the boat, and my loaned rubber boots. Both provided by the Antarctic Dream. We hiked on our first island seeing penguins, seals, birds and ice! I was impressed with the amount of wildlife. We had two landings this day. Our first was Discovery bay, and the second landing of the day as Aitcho Bay. After each landing, we were met with the most delicious hot chocolate I have ever tasted. The weather today was cold and wet -- so it made the hot chocolate taste even better.