Disko Bay Cruise

Rinie van Meurs
Purple Saxifrage on a Arctic hillside
Goran Ehlme
A walrus sunbathes on the ice
Goran Ehlme
A humpback whale lifts its fluke
Jan Belgers
Watch the sunset in the Arctic
Amos Nachoum-Oceanwide Expeditions
Travelers aboard the Rembrandt van Rijn posing for a group picture.
Amos Nachoum-Oceanwide Expeditions
Enjoy the view from the deck of the Rembrandt van Rijn.
Monica Salmang-Oceanwide Expeditions
Lounge and bar aboard the Rembrandt van Rijn.

Day 1


    Arrive in Aasiaat from Reykjavik by chartered plane. Board your ship and overnight.

    Day 2


      Today sail along the large Jakobshavn Glacier with its enormous ice-bergs. South of it climb the hill at Avangnardlit from which you will have a fantastic view across the Jakobshavn Isfjord, which is a World Heritage site.

      Day 3

        Disko Island

        At the north side of Disko Island land at Kugangup Innarta, a seabird cliff at the east side of a valley with a row of Pingo's (periglacial phenomena), and take a walk into the valley.

        Day 4

          Uummannaq & Nuussuaq Peninsula

          At Uummannaq, approach High Arctic waters. Seal hunting is still an important source of income for the local people and they also have many dogs which haul their sledges in winter. Visit the nearby Qilakitsoq site, on the north coast of the Nuussuaq Peninsula, where some years ago a family of mummified Thule culture people from the 15th Century was found.

          Day 5

            Karajak Isfjord

            In Karajak Isfjord see the Karajak Nunatak, where Drygalski did his geographic research and wintered at the end of the 19th Century surrounded by enormous glaciers and ice-bergs.

            Day 6

              Sailing North

              Through a maze of fjords and straits with huge ice-bergs and among high mountain sides work our way north looking for opportunities to make a landing at Ukalik or Iliarssuit where remains of Thule culture dwellings can be found.

              Day 7


                In the settlement Uvkusigssat, the German explorer Wegener had his base from where he ventured to the Greenlandic ice-cap. Later that day land at the head of the fjord, where he began his ascent of the ice-cap. The glacier Scheideck which 80 years ago ended at the coast has retreated about 10 km inland. In the same area see Marmorilik with the Black Angel Mine for zinc and lead high in the mountains.

                Day 8

                  Upernivik Ø

                  Today circumnavigate Upernivik ø and sail through narrow fjords surrounded by mountains of over 2000m and glaciers at all sides. Land in Illorsuit on Ubekendt Ejland, where the American artist Rockwell Kent made his famous painting of Greenlandic life, a century ago.

                  Day 9

                    Svartenhuk Halvø

                    Reach Svartenhuk Halvø and land at Svartenhavn. Walk on an extensive tundra, dotted with lakes, where you will encounter ducks and geese and Muskoxen. Later we land at Lille Fladø, where a big colony of Arctic Terns and small colonies of Puffins, Black Guillemots and Little Auks survive.

                    Day 10


                      At Agparssuit at the south side of Qaersorssuaq visit two small colonies of Brünnich Guillemots and on Hvalø a Puffin colony. In these waters see whales. From there sail to Upernavik the main town in Northwest Greenland, where you will have an opportunity to experience Greenlandic culture.

                      Day 11


                        Upernavik and return flight to Reykjavik by chartered plane.

                        - Rates are quoted in U.S. dollars and represent costs per person, double occupancy.
                        - Cabins are available for single occupancy at 1.7 times the double occupancy rate.
                        - Due to the extreme nature of itinerary destinations, travel insurance is mandatory for all cruises aboard the Rembrandt Van Rijn - including medical, accident and repatriation/evacuation insurance.

                        Fares include:
                        - Voyage aboard the indicated vessel as indicated in the itinerary.
                        - All meals throughout the voyage aboard the ship including snacks, coffee and tea.
                        - All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by Zodiac.
                        - Program of lectures by noted naturalists and leadership by experienced expedition staff.
                        - On Rembrandt voyages: Transfers and baggage handling between airport and ship in Greenland harbors on the chartered group flights.
                        - All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program.
                        - AECO fees and governmental taxes.
                        - Comprehensive pre-departure materials

                        Not included:
                        Any airfare, whether on scheduled or charter flights; pre- and post land arrangements; transfers to / from the vessel outside Spitsbergen; passport and visa expenses; Government arrival and departure taxes; meals ashore; baggage, cancellation and personal insurance (which is mandatory); excess baggage charges and all items of a personal nature such as laundry, bar, beverage charges and telecommunication charges; and the customary gratuity at the end of the voyages for stewards and other service personnel aboard (guidelines will be provided).

                        Please note: It is agreed that if fuel prices will exceed US Dollar 90 per Barrel Brent 90 days prior to departure Rembrandt van Rijn reserves the right to levy a fuel surcharge of US Dollar 25 per passenger per night.
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