Arctic Safari Cruise

Martin Lipman
Travelers studing local plants in the tundra.
Eagle Eye Tours
A musk ox and her calf relax on the arctic plains.
Andrew Stewart
A polar bear and her cub relaxing in the ice.
Zhang Qianli
Hiking through the arctic tundra.
Andrew Stewart
Enjoy watching local bird life on your arctic adventure.
Enjoy a book in the Sea Adventurer's library.
Relax in the Sea Adventurer's main lounge.
Midnight sun, marvelous creatures and endless landscapes are part of the lure of the North. This classic Arctic expedition explore the North's unique cultural, historical and natural legacy. This Arctic cruise is a busy one, with visits to communities steeped in history and culture and to sites virtually untouched for thousands of years. With such a variety of excursions and peak summer weather – long days, blooming tundra flowers and (usually) calm, warm weather is the best way to experience the Arctic for the first time.

Day 1


    Arriving into Kangerlussuaq, it is possible to see
    the second-largest ice cap in the world from your airplane window. Boarding the Sea Adventurer
    in the afternoon, and make your journey down spectacular Sondre Stromfjord as your Arctic journey begins.

    Day 2

      Sisimiut Coast

      The west Greenland coastline is a rich mixture of fishing communities, myriad islands and complex coastal waterways. You will be making an expedition stop here to explore the Greenlandic landscape.

      Day 3


        250km north of the Arctic Circle find the stunning coastal community of Ilulissat. Ilulissat translates literally into "iceberg", and there couldn't be a more fitting name. Your visit will include time in the colourful town and a chance to hike out to an elevated viewpoint where you can observe the great fields of ice. Cruise in your fleet of zodiacs in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ilulissat Icefjord. The Icefjord is where you will find the Sermeq Kujalleq Glacier, one of the most active and fastest moving in the world at 19m per day and calving more than 35 square kilometers of ice annually. The glacier has been the object of scientific attention for 250 years and, because of its relative ease of accessibility, has significantly added to the understanding of ice-cap glaciology, climate change and related geomorphic processes.

        Day 4

          Karrot Fjord

          In Karrat Fjord cruise one of Greenland's most spectacular fjords. During ice breakup, narwhals and seals use the long leads created by high winds in this region to hunt the rich waters of the fjord. The cliffs within the fjord should give you good opportunities to see colonies of dovekies. Time spent on deck today should result in some good wildlife sightings, not to mention unbeatable photographic opportunities.

          Day 5


            Upernavik means 'springtime place'. This was where people came in spring, when the ice broke up, to trade, fish and to drive the catch out to the open sea. Qaarsorsuaq Mountain, the town's landmark, can be seen up to 10km away.

            Day 6

              At Sea

              While crossing Davis Strait, relax and enjoy onboard lectures and opportunities to watch for wildlife from the ship's decks.

              Day 7

                Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet)

                Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet) is a picturesque town set against the backdrop of Bylot Island - one of the most dramatic settings of any town in Canada. You’ll be treated to Inuit games and throat singing before exploring the town.

                Day 8

                  Devon Island

                  During his pursuit for a faster route to Asia, it was here Sir John Franklin remained trapped for two years (1845-47) waiting for the ice to clear. Explore remnants of his camp and the headstones of those not lucky enough to survive the ordeal.

                  Day 9

                    Prince Leopold Island

                    The tall cliffs of Prince Leopold Island are one of the top bird sites in the High Arctic both during the breeding and summering seasons. It is a breeding site for Thick-Billed Murre, Black-legged Kittiwake, Northern Fulmar, Glaucous Gull, and Black Guillemot. It was beneath these tall cliffs, that Sir James Clark Ross, perhaps the greatest polar explorer of the 19th century, was based in 1848-49. Ross's 1848-49 expedition in search of the Franklin expedition was not successful; they spent a frustrating winter locked by ice in Port Leopold on the northeast coast of Somerset Island and returned to England the following summer. It was also from this area that Sir John Ross (James's uncle) escaped in 1833 after abandoning the Victory and spending four harrowing winters in the Arctic.

                    Day 10

                      Beechey Island

                      Beechey island is best known as the epicentre of the Franklin search, for it was here that the lost expedition spent its first winter (1845-46). The only record of the expedition, and subsequent explorers making it to Beechey, is the remains of three storehouses, workshops, a washhouse, many empty meat tins, and of course, three eerie graves.

                      Day 11


                        Arriving in Resolute early morning, disembark the Sea Adventurer and have a chance to visit the surrounding area before your charter flight home.

                        - Rates are quoted in U.S. dollars and represent costs per person, double occupancy. Request the Twin Share Program where you are matched with a cabin mate of the same gender. Even if a cabin mate is not found for you, no single supplement will be charged.
                        -Cabins are available for single occupancy at 1.6 times the double occupancy rate. The supplement for a suite is 2 times the shared rate.

                        Group Charter Flight: A group charter flight is available, rates are pending. Please budget between $1,800-$2,000 per person.

                        What's Included:
                        - All entry & park fees
                        - Your complete itinerary
                        - Team of resource specialists
                        - Educational program and pre-departure materials
                        - All shipboard meals
                        - All Zodiac excursions
                        - Service charges and port fees

                        What's Not Included:
                        - Commercial flights
                        - Mandatory medical / evacuation insurance
                        - Personal expenses
                        - Additional expenses in the event of delays or Itinerary changes
                        - Discretionary gratuities to ship's crew (approximately $10 - 14 per passenger per day)
                        - Visas, or inoculations, if required
                        - Physician's fees confirming you are fit to travel
                        - Possible fuel surcharges
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