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Fun on the Sea Adventurer!
Mary's Mother-Daughter Greenland and Arctic tour!

Marathon on the Sea Adventurer Marathon on the Sea Adventurer

Our Arctic cruise itinerary has been flexible, adjusting due to rapidly changing ice conditions. We end up with a couple of extra days at sea as we navigate the ice filled waters of the Davis Strait. Our onboard staff seem to have a limitless host of activities to keep us entertained. For Canada Day, they host an onboard marathon, complete with 26 laps around the ship.

We learn print making from Andrew Qappik, designer of the Nunavut flag and coat of arms. In the evening, we have a Disco party and a chocolate buffet (does it get any better?).

A few days later we celebrate the 4th of July with equal style including a sing along and shipboard parade.

4th of July Parade! 4th of July Parade!

Then, of course, there is the quintessential "polar plunge". I was highly tempted to skip this crazy form of "entertainment", but I knew I'd regret it later. The water is chilling. The staff there to assist me say they didn't even see me hit the water as I bounded out so quickly.

Polar plunge in the Arctic! Polar plunge in the Arctic!

Of course, anytime the onboard activities don't appeal, I just head outside. The views never get dull!

Arctic sunset from the Sea Adventurer Arctic sunset from the Sea Adventurer

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