Day 2
On the Floe Edge – Seven Hours North of Baffin Island

Packing for the polar sea ice is a mammoth job. Luckily, the Arctic Kingdom guys are masters of organization. Not did they tell us exactly what to bring, but they also rented anything we didn’t own – genius!
Decked out in huge clouds of Canada Goose down - coats, pants and mitts - we climbed into the komatiks (wooden trailers) for the seven-hour rock-and-roll ride to camp.
Cracks in the ice proved to be nothing but fun for the guides. Komatik skis glide over almost anything but snowmobiles don’t…so our guides backed up, gunned their engines and leapt across the biggest cracks. Cirque de Soleil should hire those guys.
We arrived at camp to find towering icebergs beside which our little white and yellow tents looked hilariously tiny. But they were warm, and inviting, and the aroma of a hot dinner wafted from the dining tent…we were home.