Spring Caribou Migration Photo Safari

Arviat Community Ecotourism
Encounter Arctic wildlife
Nelly Degraeve
A herd of Caribou
David Vetra
Encounter Arctic wildlife
Arviat Community Ecotourism
Encounter Arctic wildlife
Michelle Valberg
Encounter Arctic wildlife

Day 1

    Arrive in Winnipeg, Canada

    Arrive in Winnipeg and transfer to your local hotel.

    Day 2


      Depart Winnipeg for Arviat. Arrive at approximately noon. Get settled in your hotel and then visit the local wildlife office to meet with the caribou biologists. A town tour and local Inuit cultural performance and community dinner will round out the evening.

      Days 3-5

        Caribou Camp

        The Qamanirjuaq herd is a healthy population of approximately 350,000 animals that winters below the treeline in Manitoba and Northwest Territories and then journeys each spring north to the calving grounds on the tundra northwest of Arviat. Working in close partnership with the territorial caribou biologists, who have radio-collared a number of the caribou and local Inuit guides, Arctic Land Tours will situate the caribou camp close to the migration route. Guests will experience one of the world’s most fascinating mass migrations outside of the Serengeti up close and personal. The Spring Caribou viewing camp will be set up in advance of your arrival.

        On a privately chartered plane, depart Arviat early in the morning and land directly in camp. Before landing in camp, there will be opportunity to take some aerial photographs of the caribou as they stretch from horizon to horizon. Local snowmobiles in camp do conduct daily sorties to where the caribou pass by.

        Each day will be spent venturing out from your base camp to photograph and experience the caribou migration. It also possible that you will encounter other tundra species of wildlife: musk ox, wolves, Arctic fox, and grizzly bear.

        Day 6

          Transfer to Arviat

          Have the morning for one last caribou photography opportunity. The bush plane will arrive shortly after noon and transfer back to Arviat. Overnight at the hotel in Arviat.

          Day 7

            Return Home

            Depart Arviat for Winnipeg this morning, and transfer to your return flights home.

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