Arctic Watch Discovery Week

Experience the wild Arctic tundra on this 8-day Arctic tour! View the shy beluga whales, muskox, and polar bears as your explore the Arctic via raft, kayak, and ATV. Abundant in adventure, this tour will delight and thrill travelers time and time again.

Day 1

Arrive Arctic Watch

Arrive at the hangar in Yellowknife early in the morning and board a comfortable and privately chartered plane to Arctic Watch. This 4-hour flight passes over the vast and changing landscape as you fly 1,000 miles across trees and the impressive holes in the earth dug for the Diavik mine. The flight stops in Cambridge Bay to refuel. In the afternoon, land on a private airstrip next to Arctic Watch on Somerset Island. Take a short walk across the tundra and an even shorter raft ride across the Cunningham River before arriving at the lodge. Settle into your cabin before enjoying dinner in the lodge’s cozy dining room.

Day 2

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Cunningham River and Triple Waterfalls

Following breakfast, attend a hands-on introduction to driving all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), which are easy and fun to drive. The ride takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on your preference. Take a short-distance hike to the Cunningham River estuary to watch beluga whales frolic in the shallow water. In the afternoon, hike to Triple Waterfalls, a five-story torrent of free-falling water. View nesting peregrine falcons, loons, snow buntings, sandpipers and rough-legged hawks. Explore the canyon and hope for an encounter with a muskox. The evening is yours for self-exploration. Relax in the library or visit the interpretive center, which contains local fossils, skeletal remains of Arctic fauna, and a collection of traditional Inuit skin clothing from Canada, Greenland and Siberia.

Day 3

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Muskox Ridge Trail

After breakfast at the lodge, travel by ATV over the Cunningham River delta and along the Muskox Ridge Trail, which provides a scenic overview of the entire area. To date, every excursion to this location has resulted in a muskox encounter. Pass an impressive Arctic fox den and hope to view wild fox cubs at play. Enjoy a picnic lunch at Arctic Watch’s shelter at Inukshuk Lake before experiencing a “catch-and-release” fishing opportunity for Arctic Char. Return by ATV on an alternate route along the River Trail. In the evening, attend an informal lecture by Richard Weber, and internationally recognized polar explorer and owner of Arctic Watch.

Day 4

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Kayak Cunningham Inlet

In the morning, kayak in the Arctic’s Cunningham Inlet. All equipment and basic instructions are provided. Paddle among icebergs, ring seals and bearded seals, keeping a sharp eye out for beluga whales. Enjoy lunch along the shoreline and take a small hike to explore a local canyon, aptly named “Kayak Falls.” Take in the stunning views of the Northwest Passage and hope to see polar bears. This kayaking trip lasts between 30 minutes and 4 hours, depending on your preference. In the afternoon, return to the Cunningham River estuary to watch the beluga whales. The area is known for its beluga encounters. Guests can stand along the river banks as the whales frolic in the shallow water. To better appreciate the underwater calls, a hydrophone (underwater microphone) is used. In the evening, attend a lecture on beluga research.

Day 5

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Somerset Island Canyons

Following breakfast, cross the Cunningham River delta for a trip to Flatrock Falls. View the stunning Somerset Island canyons, which were formed as the result of shifting fault lines. Their most vertical walls vary in height from 200 to 1,000 feet. Millions of fossils of prehistoric plants and animals litter the ground. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the flat rocks that surround the canyon, then travel to Gull Canyon to see the striking biological contrasts between barren canyon and lush gull rookery. In the evening, attend a lecture by Arctic Watch’s house scientist.

Day 6

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Cape Anne

Take an ATV to Cape Anne to visit five Thule sites along the coast and to look for polar bears. The ride includes scenic vistas, icebergs, ancient Inuit campsites and prehistoric giant whale bones. The Thule culture was based around bowhead-whale-hunting, and were the ancestors of today’s modern Inuit. The Cape Anne Thule site is the largest in the area and includes the remains of 15 stone and bone houses. Polar bears can be often seen on the shoreline as they wander the coast. In the evening, relax and attend a lecture by Richard Weber which includes stunning images and fascinating stories of Arctic expeditions to Baffin, Ellesmere and other High Arctic islands.

Day 7

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Raft Cunningham River

Begin the day either rafting or kayaking on the Cunningham River. Typically, the final 3.7 miles of this trip requires a hike through the Badlands which passes the skeletal remains of two bowhead whales, dated at eight thousand years ago. The trip includes encounters with muskox, snow geese, jaegers, arctic fox, sandpipers and rough-legged hawks. Savor a picnic lunch on the beach beside the river before either taking a kayak or raft back to the lodge. The river is swift-flowing, crystal-clear water and doesn’t have any difficult sections or rapids. Travelers can expect to be on the water for 2-3 hours.

Day 8

Depart Arctic Watch

Spend the morning relaxing at the lodge and enjoying conversation with your fellow travelers. In the late afternoon, take a chartered plane back to Yellowknife.

Tour Cost
Internal Flights (Edmonton or Calgary - Yellowknife - Edmonton or Calgary)
Flight cost is subject to change
Total Cost (USD)


Please add 5% GST for Canadians and 2.5% for non-Canadians, from Yellowknife, NT, Canada. Any two consecutive weeks for $11,990 per person plus 5% GST

Please add $1,690 for the mandatory two-night transfer package from Yellowknife

We recommend purchasing a pair of Muck Boots for your trip to Arctic Watch.


  • 7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 7 Dinners
  • 7 Nights Accommodations
    • 7 Nights Lodge
  • 8 Days Private Guide Service
  • Gear Rental
  • Arctic Watch Activities


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