Vinas de Cafayate Wine Resort

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Vinas de Cafayate Wine Resort
The beautiful Vinas de Vafayate Wine Resort
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The Viña de Cafayate Wine Resort was built on a vineyard plantation at the foot of the impressive San Isidro Hill in Cafayate, one of the most important wine regions in South America. Here you'll find a tiny colonial town dotted with vineyards, bodegas (wine cellars), and countless archaeological remains on your Argentina tour. Settle into your lovely bodega lodge and enjoy a welcome dinner complete with wine straight from the cellar!

The Wine Resort has 10 standard double rooms (with twin or queen size beds). Breakfast is included. All rooms have a private bathroom with a bathtub, a bathroom, a dressing room, and heating. The rooms have access to a spacious covered balcony overlooking the vineyards, granite hills, and Cafayate Ravine.