Iguazu Jungle Lodge

Iguazu Jungle Lodge
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Lodge Accommodations
Hotel Pool
Hotel Pool
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The Iguazu Jungle Lodge is located in Puerto Iguazu, only 15 minutes from the majestic Iguazu Falls. Situated only 7 blocks from downtown, the Iguazu Jungle Lodge is strategically located for travelers to experience the beauties of nature while enjoying all the comfort and services this comfortable lodge has to offer on their Iguazu tour. From the balconies of the cozy bungalows, you can see the rocky coasts of the Iguazu River and beyond to neighboring Brazil.

Bungalow Amenities
* Fully-equipped kitchen
* Jacuzzi
* Air conditioner
* Minibar
* TV/Cable
* Telephone
* Laptop with internet
* Hair dryer