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Home, sweet home
The Magnificent Futaleufu!

The Futaleufu Valley is difficult to leave. There are only a few buses leaving every week, and thanks to poor planning on my part, I had missed them. Luckily, the folks at Bio Bio are amazing and incredibly generous, and Edgar was going to give me a ride to the border where I could hook up with another one of their drivers who would take me to Esquel. I lucked out in a big way. The morning was relaxing- I packed up and waited until Edgar was ready to head out. For the third time in as many days, I said goodbye to the Bio Bio folks. I have no doubt in my mind that my path will cross theirs again some day. Edgar and I loaded up the bus and headed to Argentina. My adventure was over, and oh, what an adventure it was! My arduous trip back to Missoula would be filled with thoughts of Chile, Argentina, Patagonia, and the amazing Futaleufu River!!