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Paris Of the South
The Magnificent Futaleufu!

Although I consider myself more of a country mouse than a city girl, everyone that heard I was going to Argentina claimed that I would absolutely fall in love with Buenos Aires. After my arrival, I can say that it's virtually impossible not to!! With the charm of Sevilla, architectural hints of New Orleans, and the warmth of Latin America, I fell in head over heels. I arrived to my hostel, which was located in San Telmo, dropped off my pack and hoofed it to the local market in Recoleta. My walk was filled with new smells, plenty of new sights and constant smiles. Carnecerias, local bakeries and vegetable markets lined the streets. There was a certain bohemian feel to Recoleta that instantly put me at ease. Buenos Aires is alive.

After spending hours perusing the Recoleta Artisan market, I returned to my hostel to rest up for my upcoming week. Eight days on a class IV river is something that requires a lot of energy!