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Iguazu Adventure Begins
The Shassian's Excellent Argentinian Adventure

We were met at the Puerto Iguazu airport by Celia, our wonderful guide for the duration of our visit there. We drove to the Iguazu Jungle Lodge and unpacked in our lovely family suite, including a scenic balcony overlooking the jungle. That afternoon was a trip highlight: rappelling down a rock wall, zip lining through the treetops and hiking through the forest...my sons and husband were in extreme sport heaven...I did it all, too, with my heart in my mouth silently screaming: OMG, OMG, OMG!!

That evening we were so tired we decided to eat the the Lodge, and what a great decision that was!!! The food there was delicious(our first taste of Argentinian meat...yummm!) and the ambiance was wonderful. This was followed by a rousing game of Foosball and some Pool in the lodge Rec Room...a fantastic first full day of our trip!