Introducing Brazil!

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world, with geographic and cultural diversity to match. Whether you are looking for exotic natural beauty, exceptional human accomplishments, or simply a relaxing time with a cold pina colada on a sun-soaked beach, Brazil has the perfect recipe for travelers looking for a Brazil tour vacation.

The vast country is home to more than 2,000 beaches, one of the world's largest wetland regions, various traditional fishing villages, urban hot spots, and the Amazon Rainforest. The variety of activities available to travelers on a Brazil vacation are practically endless, with something available for almost every interest in some part of the country including ziplining, rafting, hiking, birding, biking, wind surfing, culinary tours, and authentic cultural encounters.

Variable weather throughout Brazil's many regions makes it a year-round destination option, with some locations within the country offering optimum weather conditions.

A republic in its structure, Brazil's stable bicameral elected Congress and President work together when establishing laws. Grievances are often handled through peaceful protests from time to time, after which Congress seems to act promptly to address widespread concerns.

Travelers visiting on a Brazil Tour will find themselves wishing they had more time to explore more of the country. From the mysterious Amazon basin to steamy Rio de Janeiro, from the excitement of a soccer match to the wild abandon of Carnival, Brazil will steal your heart forever.