Colombia Unveiled

Colombia, is a colorful, vibrant, Spanish speaking country located in northern South America. Colombia tours open up a destination which has remained largely undiscovered for many years. Colombia has some of the last few truly wild areas remaining in the world. From sunsets on the unspoilt beaches, to lost ruins buried in tropical jungle and the cool highlands of the Andes mountains the range of natural landscapes create an ideal destination for Colombia adventure travel enthusiasts.

Officially the Republic of Colombia, it is one the most bio-diverse countries in the world; fauna and flora thrive across the different regions. Diversity is also reflected in the people of the country; from thriving cities rooted in colonial history to indigenous Indian villages where traditions have been preserved in near isolation for centuries.

A Colombia vacation takes you to another world; a world noted for and defined by the friendliness of the people and the diversity found in both the land and the culture.

Colombia is divided into thirty-two departments. The Capital District of Bogota is considered to be a separate department although it is surrounded by the department of Cundiamarca.