The Gaucho Diet

Uruguay’s culinary scene is dominated by European influences, especially Mediterranean. Uruguayans are also very fond of beef, which is unsurprising due to catte ranching’s role in the country.

Churrasco is a very common dish that travelers should expect to run into; it is a grilled steak. Asado, the Uruguayan barbeque, is said to be some of the best barbeque in the world. Chivitos are hot steak sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, bacon, eggs, and cheese. Most of these dishes are cooked over an open-pit barbeque that is typical of Uruguay.

Travelers interested in sampling desserts will quickly find that dulce de leche (sweet milk) is the main ingredient in everything from cakes and cookies to pancakes. Alfajor is made of dulce de leche sandwiched between two shortbread cookies.

A cruise to Uruguay will almost certainly offer the chance to try mate, which is a hot drink of yerba mate twigs and leaves that is sipped through a metal straw. Travelers will find mate offered to them everywhere in Uruguay.