Uruguay’s rolling savannahs are home to several species of mammals. Some common ones that travelers to Uruguay may see are the pampas and Guazauvirá deer, and the capybara, which is actually a large rodent. Armadillos slowly roam the plains, and wildcats are found in the hillier regions. Foxes can sometimes be seen darting through the tall grasses.

Uruguay’s skies are full of more common birds such as owl, hummingbirds, and cardinals, as well as more majestic ones like white herons, cranes, and flamingos.

Endangered birds, that travelers should consider themselves very lucky to see, are the ochre-breasted pipit, yellow cardinal, the beautiful saffron-cowled blackbird, and the greater rhea.

Caimans lie snoozing in the upper part of the Uruguay River, and tortoises and lizards are also found throughout the country. There are a few species of venomous species, but these are rare. A Uruguayan cruise should provide the opportunity to visit the country’s network of parks where many of these animals are protected.