Amazon Travel Articles

Gorgeous views while sailing on the Amazon
Travelers photographing fro the Amazon river.
DarAnne Dunning
Making friends in the Amazon
Tatjana Kudla
At the Parrot Clay Lick
Alicia Cruz
Crossing the suspension bridge
Marti Davis
Experiencing culture
Jodi Teeple
Monkey business in Coca
Jonathan Brunger
Boat ride to Sacha Lodge
About Rainforests: By the Numbers
Statistics and important information regarding rainforest weather, area coverage, animal species, vegetation, medicines and food.
Activities and Weather
Activities and weather tips for Amazon jungle tours
DarAnne's Peru Travel Journal
We're travelers, just like you. Read DarAnne's Peru travel journal - it offers a personal and intimate look at what you could encounter on your own Peru tour.
Dave & Val’s Ecuadorian Adventures, 2008
Adventure Life travelers, Dave and Val LaHart, share a travel tale about their experiences during our Wildlife Odyssey trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon and Galapagos Islands.
Delay of Pipeline Construction
January 2003, Press Release: Delay of pipeline construction in Ecuador\'s Amazon stands in the way of Citigroup loan guarantees.
Do You Travel Responsibly?
A helpful list of questions to ask your travel company to better understand the type of impact your trip might have on the local people and environment.
Ecuador Rainforest Adventure
Travelogue from an Adventure Life Ecuador jungle tour. Chronicles the traveler's stay at Nativo Lodge and experience canoeing through the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Health Tips for Going to the Jungle
Health advice for Amazon tours, including advice for avoiding traveler\'s diarrhea and malaria, as well as recommended vaccinations and boosters.
Indigenous People
A \'Q and A\' session from the Rainforest Action Network to help teach children about the indigenous people of the Amazon and other rainforests.
Jungle Packing Tips
Essentials and useful items for your Amazon jungle trip. For an Amazon adventure trip everyone should pack accordingly.
Medicinal Treasures of the Rainforest
A look at the botanical medical treasures that exist within the Amazon and other tropical rainforests. Details on how they are put to use in the Western world and a glimpse at how these resources are being threatened today.
My Dream Come True
One traveler describes her two week trip to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Amazon.
Narcisse\'s Amazon Travel Journal
Discover the real Amazon adventure experiencing through the eyes of Bakhsh Narcisse, an Ecuadorian traveler: the sounds of nature, the indigenous tribes, beauty all around, and the gizillion flies. Check it out before you travel.
Observing Macaws
Find out the best way to capture great pictures of macaws at Tambopata\'s Clay Lick in the Amazon where hundreds of parrots and small green macaws descend to eat clay.
Share Your Travels. Win a Trip Contest: Past Winners and Prizes
Our first journal contest was a terrific success. Take a look at the winning entries, as well as the incredible prizes, including an Alaska cruise and Antarctica adventure!
Sharma's Peru Travel Journal
We're travelers just like you! Read Sharma's Peru travel journal and about her adventures on our Machu Picchu Pilgrimage and Lake Titicaca tour.
Solving the Mysteries of Tipping
Questions regarding tipping adequate are some of the most common concerns travelers have when visiting a foreign country. And unfortunately, there is not a straight-forward, yes or no, answer to the tipping question. But we can offer some suggestions.
South American Packing Essentials
Packing advice, including a list of recommended essentials for trips to South America
Tambopata Conservation: A Letter from Charles Munn
A letter from Charles Munn, Senior Conservation Zoologist at the Wildlife Conservation Society, discussing the nature of the tropical forest around Tambopata Nature Reserve in Peru.
Tambopata Research Center
The Tambopata Research Center is a spartan yet comfortable 13 bedroom lodge built to accommodate Peru travelers and researchers alike while protecting the adjacent macaw clay lick.
The Peruvian Amazon – It\'s for the Birds
Bird watching tips for first-timers, plus information on species that reside in the Manu and Tambopata regions of the Peruvian Amazon
The World\'s Largest Macaw Lick
Information about Amazon tours in Peru to the world\'s largest clay lick. Birds and Macaws feed daily off of this clay lick. It is a mysterious yet vital part of their diet.
Tips on Capturing Your Travels
Get some helpful advice and tips on how to best capture your travels - wildlife, landscape, people and more -- on film.
Tropical Rainforest Animals
Questions-and-answers on the unique animals that reside in the tropical rainforest, including the Amazon. Nearly half of all earth\'s animal species live in the rainforest, including monkeys, toucans, jaguars and insects.
Two National Parks Declared Off Limits to Drilling, Mining
Efforts to protect the Amazon, including how Adventure Life Amazon tours benefit the Cuyabeno reserve
What Can I Do?
Seven steps you can take to help save the Amazon and the world\'s rainforests. How to reduce your resource consumption and support rainforest communities.