Antarctica Travel Articles

An ocean of icebergs.
Michael S Nolan
A curious minke whale surfaces near the zodiac
Elephant seal on the coast
Ralph Lee Hopkins
Take a zodiac trip to view Humpback Whales.
A huge colony of king penguins.


Antarctic Peninsula
Information on the Antarctic Peninsula, Lemaire Channel, Hope Bay, Paradise Bay and Wiencke Islands
Antarctic vs. Arctic Pole Comparison
While the Earth's polar regions are similar in many ways, the North and South Poles also display stark differences. Here is a brief comparison of the Antarctic and Arctic poles.
Antarctica Cruises: When to Go?
The time of year for taking a cruise to Antarctica is limited to November through March. This article gives some insight into the best times for travel and why this is an ideal time to explore Antarctica.
Antarctica History: Past and Present
No single nation controls Antarctica, nor does the continent have any nations of its own. Learn more about the continent and numerous expeditions attempted throughout history in untamed Antarctica.
Antarctica Travel: The Long and Short of It
It is hard to decide where to begin when planning an Antarctic cruise. A good place to start would be to ask yourself what sort of trip best suits you. This articles provides helpful information on what to expect from an Antarctica cruise.
Antarctica Weather
See what to expect in weather condition on your Antarctica Travels
Antarctica Wildlife
Antarctica cruises offer amazing wildlife viewing opportunities and this article include tables to help plan a trip. Learn some facts on a variety of species that can be viewed.
Antarctica's Changing Ice Shelf
Enjoy this quick history on the disintegration of the Larsen Ice Shelf of the Antarctic Peninsula. Climate change has been a main factor in this disappearance but in contrast the temperatures at the center of Antarctica have actually been falling.
Best Time of Year to Travel to Antarctica
Time of year you travel to Antarctica does make a difference, but deciding which time of year is \"best\" depends on what you are looking at getting out of your Antarctica adventure.
Comparing the Two Polar Regions: Antarctica and Arctic Cruising
Comparing the Arctic and Antarctic environments, geographical properties, climates, wildlife, and amenities produces some rather profound realizations about expectations and real-world discovery.
Elaine and Mike Shields Antarctica Adventure
Here\'s a review from on of our travelers on their Antarctica voyage and experience working with the Adventure Life staff.
Falkland Islands
The English speaking Falkland Islands are located north of the Polar Front. Here is some information about the islands before your voyage.
Jonathan's Adventures to Antarctica on the Professor Molchanov
We're travelers just like you! Read Jonathan's day-by-day itinerary to Antarctica aboard the Professor Molchanov.
Sailing Antarctica in a World-Class Racing Yacht
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Share Your Travels. Win a Trip Contest: Past Winners and Prizes
Our first journal contest was a terrific success. Take a look at the winning entries, as well as the incredible prizes, including an Alaska cruise and Antarctica adventure!
South Georgia Islands
Here is a brief summary and details about the landscape and wildlife of the South Georgia Islands.
South Shetland Islands
The South Shetland Islands are a large chain located off the northern end of the Antarctic Peninsula. Find out more information on their geographical landscape.
Tips on Capturing Your Travels
Get some helpful advice and tips on how to best capture your travels - wildlife, landscape, people and more -- on film.