Antarctica Travel Articles

An ocean of icebergs.
Michael S Nolan
A curious minke whale surfaces near the zodiac
Elephant seal on the coast
Ralph Lee Hopkins
Take a zodiac trip to view Humpback Whales.
A huge colony of king penguins.
Antarctic Peninsula
Information on the Antarctic Peninsula, Lemaire Channel, Hope Bay, Paradise Bay and Wiencke Islands
Antarctic vs. Arctic Pole Comparison
While the Earth's polar regions are similar in many ways, the North and South Poles also display stark differences. Here is a brief comparison of the Antarctic and Arctic poles.
Antarctica Cruises: When to Go?
The time of year for taking a cruise to Antarctica is limited to November through March. This article gives some insight into the best times for travel and why this is an ideal time to explore Antarctica.
Antarctica History: Past and Present
No single nation controls Antarctica, nor does the continent have any nations of its own. Learn more about the continent and numerous expeditions attempted throughout history in untamed Antarctica.
Antarctica Travel: The Long and Short of It
It is hard to decide where to begin when planning an Antarctic cruise. A good place to start would be to ask yourself what sort of trip best suits you. This articles provides helpful information on what to expect from an Antarctica cruise.
Antarctica Weather
See what to expect in weather condition on your Antarctica Travels
Antarctica Wildlife
Antarctica cruises offer amazing wildlife viewing opportunities and this article include tables to help plan a trip. Learn some facts on a variety of species that can be viewed.
Antarctica's Changing Ice Shelf
Enjoy this quick history on the disintegration of the Larsen Ice Shelf of the Antarctic Peninsula. Climate change has been a main factor in this disappearance but in contrast the temperatures at the center of Antarctica have actually been falling.
Best Time of Year to Travel to Antarctica
Time of year you travel to Antarctica does make a difference, but deciding which time of year is "best" depends on what you are looking at getting out of your Antarctica adventure.
British Influenced Culture of the Falklands
As a territory of the UK, the Falkland Islands are overflowing with British and Scottish culture. They are sparsely populated islands that enjoy many similarities to Britain including the pound as their currency and a love for football (soccer).
Comparing the Two Polar Regions: Antarctica and Arctic Cruising
Comparing the Arctic and Antarctic environments, geographical properties, climates, wildlife, and amenities produces some rather profound realizations about expectations and real-world discovery.
Cruising Falklands Geography
The Falkland Islands geography is comprised of white sandy beaches, mountain peaks, rolling meadows and a variety more. Cruise through the exquisite bays and inlets and immerse yourself in the impressive beauty of the Falkland Islands.
Cuisine in the Falklands
A British influence is very evident when enjoying the delicious cuisine of the Falkland Islands. They enjoy a variety of food including beef, lamb, and mutton, as well as indulge in delicious fish and chips and other pub style food.
Current Politics
The Falkland Islands are a territory of the United Kingdom and therefore have similar governing practices. Learn more about the history of rule in the Falklands through this informative article.
Discover Peter I Island on an Antarctic Cruise
Peter I Island is located near the west coast of Antarctica. It is dominated by a dormant volcano, and remains covered in a glacial, icy blanket, making it one of the most remote regions on the plants. Learn more about this tiny volcanic island.
Elaine and Mike Shields Antarctica Adventure
Here's a review from on of our travelers on their Antarctica voyage and experience working with the Adventure Life staff.
Expeditions into the Icy Weddell Sea
The Weddell Sea is named after James Weddell, a British sailor who sailed to the sea in 1823. The sea touches Antarctica at Coats Land and the Antarctic Peninsula. A large portion of the sea is permanently covered by the Filchener-Ronne Ice Shelf.
Explorers of the Ice
Immerse yourself in the history of the Ross Sea. Enjoy the tale of the 1904 expedition that left little but ghostly huts and skeletons of dogs as evidence of the explorer's presence.
Exploring Macquarie Island
An Antarctica cruise may include an excursion through the Indian Ocean to Macquarie Island, which lies about half way between Antarctica and Australia.
Exploring Unique Geography in Antarctica
The Antarctic Peninsula is made up of some amazing mountain ranges with peaks that reach over 9,000 feet. Explore the many beautiful islands and enjoy the unique and breathtaking landscape and wildlife photographing opportunities.
Falkland Islands
The English speaking Falkland Islands are located north of the Polar Front. Here is some information about the islands before your voyage.
Falkland Islands Environment
While the landscapes of the Falkland Islands have remained almost pristine, the impact from human habitation has been very destructive to the wildlife on these islands. Gain some insight into current conservation efforts.
Falkland Islands: A Legacy of Disputes
Many have fought for the control of the Falkland Islands since the early 1700's. Though discovered by an English explorer, the Spanish and French as well as neighboring countries of South America have tried to claim it as their own.
From Microflora to Megafauna
Victoria Land is the home to some amazing plants thought to be over 200,000 years old. Ross sea is also the home to many larger and fascinating creatures such as fur and elephant seals and Adelie penguins.
Introducing the Falkland Islands
Located north of the Polar Front, the Falkland Islands are not considered sub-Antarctic, but are a common stop for many Antarctica travels.
Jonathan's Adventures to Antarctica on the Professor Molchanov
We're travelers just like you! Read Jonathan's day-by-day itinerary to Antarctica aboard the Professor Molchanov.
Land of Legends
The Ross Sea is one of the less-visited regions of Antarctica, but it is definitely one of the most fascinating.
Penguins by the Millions
South Georgia is an excellent viewing place for an abundance of macaroni and king penguins. Fur seals cover the beaches in obscene numbers during the breeding season. The plethora of wildlife in South Georgia is an incredible sight to see.
Ross Sea and Victoria Land: Icy Geography
Witness the breathtaking Ross Ice Shelf which is 600 miles long of ice that can be up to 3,000 feet thick. See this and many other incredible wonders of Antarctica while on an expedition cruise.
Rugged Islands of South Georgia
Get a feel for the rugged and pristine islands of South Georgia with this brief article on the unique geography of this area.
Sailing Antarctica in a World-Class Racing Yacht
Antarctica cruises LINK /antarctica/antarctica.php
Share Your Travels. Win a Trip Contest: Past Winners and Prizes
Our first journal contest was a terrific success. Take a look at the winning entries, as well as the incredible prizes, including an Alaska cruise and Antarctica adventure!
South Georgia Islands
Here is a brief summary and details about the landscape and wildlife of the South Georgia Islands.
South Georgia Politics
South Georgia is an interesting political situation that leaves it ruled by the Governor of the Falkland Islands, but without any residents, there is no need of government. This article gives some brief insight.
South Shetland Islands
The South Shetland Islands are a large chain located off the northern end of the Antarctic Peninsula. Find out more information on their geographical landscape.
The Antarctic Peninsula
The Antarctic Peninsula is known for being one of the richest breeding grounds for the continent's birdlife. Its warmer climate also makes it an ideal place to travelers hoping to experience a piece of Antarctica.
The Falklands War
Learn more about the Falklands War and the conflict between the British and Argentina to have control of these small islands in the South Atlantic. The war only lasted 10 weeks before the British regained their control.
The Hearty Antarctic Wildlife
Wildlife is in abundance in Antarctica. Seals, penguins, and Albatross flourish here. Whale watching is a highlight of an Antarctic cruise. The waters here are full of gigantic humpback and sperm whales as well as many other smaller species.
The Many Names of the Antarctic Peninsula
Enjoy this brief history on the discovery of the Antarctic Peninsula. Whalers and sealers frequented these islands before it's officially discovery. It wasn't until 1964 that it was declared officially to be the Antarctic Peninsula.
The Perfect Antarctica Cruise Stop
South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands jut skyward from the horizon in the far south Atlantic Ocean. They are largely uninhabited, their snowy reaches given over to the multitude of wildlife that call them home.
The Remote Amundsen Sea
Several Antarctic cruise ships travel to the Amundsen Sea continental shelf, which is one of the most remote areas of coastal Antarctica.
The Whaler's Last Outpost
A brief history of South Georgia and it's discovery by the famous Captain James Cook. Due to it's abundant population of seals and whales, it became a major outpost for whalers through the 1800s.
Tips on Capturing Your Travels
Get some helpful advice and tips on how to best capture your travels - wildlife, landscape, people and more -- on film.
Weather in the Islands
Get an basic feel for the weather in Falkland islands and how visitors should prepare for their amazing journey.
Weather on the Peninsula
The weather on the Peninsula is much milder than Antarctica which allows for rain as well as snow. Enjoy this brief overlook of the Antarctic Peninsula's weather.
Wildlife in the Falklands
The Falkland Islands boast of an abundance of wildlife. As well as being frequented by various types of sea birds, penguins, dolphins, and seals, it is also home to many stock animals. Unfortunately these stock have wiped out the native species.