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The fishing nets of Kochi
Talaat Naam -- Thailand's floating markets
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The Gate at Prasat Vimean Suor in Cambodia
Experience the unique architecture of Asia.


What to Expect on a China Cruise
The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the people and places of this booming country: an overview of why a China cruise is quickly becoming a popular choice for many inquisitive travelers.
Ancient China History
Before you begin your China tour, enhance your experience by reading about the origins of Chinese civilization, its complex dynasties, and the religious history of Confucianism and Daoism.
Asian Culture Discovery on a China Cruise
The Chinese have a long history that is rich in tradition and custom. A China cruise invites understanding of a rich culturally diverse country and the role its traditions play in modern-day Chinese society.
The Environment’s role in China Tours
China has long struggled with its environmental efforts; studies have shown that China is one of the worst polluted countries on earth. But conservation efforts are underway and supported by foreign travelers within the country.
Enjoy Exotically Diverse Food on your China tour
Learn a brief background on Chinese cuisine, and foods one should expect to encounter on a China tour. Extensive Chinese cuisine entices curiosity of tourists from around the globe.
China Geography
China’s geography is vast and complex ranging from mountains near Nepal to deserts in the west. A China tour includes a visit to the country’s Yangtze River, Mount Everest and other celebrated terrain.
China Travel: A Complex and Captivating Modern History
With a dense recent history, China travel includes exploring modern historic sites of interests closely connected to China’s complicated political and economic evolution of the past century, such as Tiananmen Square.
China travel: An Introduction to Chinese Politics
A background of the evolving political situation in China. Travelers may find this information helpful in understanding the complexity of China’s government and social community.
Weather: What to expect on your China tour.
This article describes weather conditions throughout the year, and is beneficial in planning a tour of China.
Discover Chinese Wildlife on Adventure Cruises to China
Learn about the wildlife you may encounter on a China Adventure Cruise, and the conservation efforts currently underway to protect the precious wildlife in the region. The article includes a breakdown of animals to be seen either in the wild or in wil


Japan Cruise: Exploring the Islands
Japan is not only a technological hot-spot, it also offers travelers beautiful artwork and natural wonders. Expect the unexpected on your trip to Japan.
Ancient Japanese History
Japan’s ancient history seems like a world away from the technological culture that currently dominates the country. But Japan’s ancient history remains influential and at the core of Japanese society.
Cultural Discovery on a Japan Cruise
An interesting combination of history influence and contemporary pop, Japan’s culture is diverse and fascinating. Learn more about the technological, to the religious cultures, that have shaped modern-day Japan.
Japan Environment: Expect the Unexpected
Many are surprised that the majority of Japan’s environment is made up of mountains, hills and forests that are home to unique flora and fauna.
Enjoy the Local Cuisine of a Japan Tour
Going well beyond a bowl of rice, get a little taste of what to expect of the local Japan cuisine.
The Geography of Japan
Japan’s geography is characterized by its islands and fantastic mountain range, including the commanding Mt. Fuji.
Japan Trip: A Look into Japan’s Modern History
From the beginning of the “westernized” Japan, to World War II, learn a little more about Japan’s modern history.
Japan Politics
Japan’s political system includes the figurehead, Emperor, along with legislative, executive and judiciary branches. Learn a little more Japanese politics.
Japan’s Weather: What to Expect During Your Tour
Depending on your travel desires, learn a little more about Japan’s weather and the best time to travel.
A Japanese Wildlife Tour
Although relatively small in size, Japan’s island seclusion and its mountainous landscape offer spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities, including various water birds and several species of bear.

South Korea

Discover South Korea on an Adventure Cruise
South Korea has a rich culture and a complex history. It is a small country with big appeal. Discover the bustling metropolitan, Seoul, and the mountainous regions that are home to a variety of wildlife.


Explore Vietnam on an Adventure Cruise
Vietnam is as rich in environmental wonders as it is in cultural expressions. From its complicated history to its inviting cities, Vietnam has a variety of attractions to satisfy any inquisitive traveler.
The Ancient History of Vietnam
Vietnam’s ancient history is characterized by the conquering Chinese and French who were attracted to the country’s territory. Before your begin your travels, get a brief understanding of ancient history of Vietnam.
Discover Local Culture on a Vietnam Trip
Explore the cultural highlights of Vietnam during your visit to the region. Learn more about the local languages and traditional dress in Vietnam.
Vietnam’s Distinct Environment
From its dense evergreen forests, to its offshore natural gas deposits in the China Sea, Vietnam offers its travelers a diverse environment to explore.
Taste What a Vietnam Tour has to Offer!
Whether you try the fermented fish sauce, or enjoy the sweetness of the country’s local fruits, Vietnam is sure to serve a cuisine to fit your palate.
Geographical Discover on a Vietnam Tour
The geography of Vietnam includes wonderful mountainous regions as well as a variety of coastal destinations to explore. The Mekong River, and its bustling Ho Chi Minh City are also popular areas to visit during your tour of Vietnam.
Vietnam’s Modern History
Many are familiar with the modern history of the Vietnam War, but that is only part of this country’s interesting history. Learn a little more about the region’s modern history that has made the country what it is today.
Vietnam Politics: What You Should Know Before You Travel
Learn a little about the history of the region’s politics and the current political system of today’s Vietnam.
The Weather in Vietnam
Find out what you should know about the country’s weather before you begin your Vietnam cruise.
Wildlife Discovery on a Vietnam Cruise
The wildlife in Vietnam is diverse. It includes a wide variety of bird species, as well as terrific mammal species, such as tigers, black bears, otters and flying squirrels.