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Tayrona National Park, Colombia beach retreat
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Exploring Barichara on a Colombia tour
Visiting a coffee hacienda in Colombia
Colombia Ancient History
Details on the indigenous and foreign people groups that from Colombia's ancient past. Learn about the struggles and wars fought to gain control of what is now modern-day Colombia.
Colombia Cuisine
The fusion of cuisine in Colombia cooking offers the traveler a great overview of various tastes and preparation methods. Learn about the Bandeja Paisa, a popular Colombian dish, or aguardiente, the strong liqueur made from sugar cane and popular among th
Colombia Modern History
Learn about the modern history and heroes that led to Colombia's independence from Spain.
Colombia Politics
A brief summary on the politics of Colombia's recent and current influences and situation. Learn about recent events that helped contribute to current political influences.
Colombia Unveiled
Explore Colombia, with her unspoilt beaches, lost ruins, and hospitable local culture. One of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, Colombia tours offer adventure travel enthusiasts great options to play and explore.
Colombia Weather Overview
A summary of the best times to take a Colombia tour. Learn about the dry and wet seasons, average temperature and other general information to aid in your Colombia travel plans.
Colombia Wildlife
Explore the immense diversity found inside Colombia's borders. Experience nature in Tayrona National Park or the Sierra Nevada Cloudforest on a Colombia tour. Learn about the long list of wildlife that can be spotted in Colombia.
Colombia's Modern History
Read about modern history of the Republic of Colombia. Learn of its conquests and heroes, and the history that helped unite Central and South America in revolt against the Spanish Empire.
Colombian Culture
Colombia's culture is as diverse and unvaried as its topography. Various people groups from over the years have stayed and made it home. These groups have over the years mixed traditions, merged families and created a unique heritage that is diverse, yet
Colonial Cities of Colombia
A brief introduction to some of Latin America’s most beautiful colonial towns found in Colombia. Among the most striking colonial buildings in Colombia are the many churches, chapels and cathedrals.
Land of Colombia
Explore the vast country of Colombia, with its coastlines to the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean sea, and the majestic Suarez Canyon, Cauca River and Las Baldias Cloudforest. Learn about various Colombia tour adventures as you explore the geography of this An