Explore the Wildlife of Costa Rica

Joan Mccord

Costa Rica is a country of amazing biodiversity. Its wildlife, natural attractions and reputation for conservation attracts nature lovers from all over the world. Governmental initiatives have made efforts to preserve the country's image as an ecotourism destination, making Costa Rica one of the best places to experience the tropics naturally and with minimal impact. As much as 27% of the land is designated to National Parks, forest reserves and Indian Reservations.

Over 800 species of birds and 100 species of mammals have been identified in Costa Rica. About 25% of the country's land mass is protected parks and wildlife areas.

A tour of Corocvado National Park offers the hearty hiker a chance to enjoy one of the least traveled areas in Costa Rica. Trees and wildlife are spectacular and largely undisturbed. There are giant mahogany trees, and a magnificent population of scarlet macaws, parrots, hawks, kites and hummingbirds. Many tours include a jungle lunch and a swim under a waterfall, to help you experience a full sense of life in such an unusual and special place.

Tortuguero, along the Caribbean coast, (The name translates as full of turtles) National Park is the annual nesting ground of the endangered green turtle, giant leatherback, hawksbills, loggerheads, more than lives up to its name. You will also see many species of monkeys, birds, reptiles, and incredibly colored butterflies.

As you travel about the country, you will meet naturalists and guides eager to offer unique insights into the wildlife and environment.