Falkland Islands Environment

The Falkland Islands are virtually unpolluted. A cruise to the Falklands will reveal some of the most pristine landscapes in the Atlantic Ocean. However, wildlife on the islands has been impacted heavily by human habitation, from the destruction of all native mammals to the heavy hunting and exploitation of the islandsí penguin and seal populations.

There are several organizations working to protect the unique environment of the Falkland Islands. The Environmental Research Unit is working to protect the penguin population, which is in decline due to massive industrial fishing that leaves the penguins without a food source. Falklands Conservation is currently working to protect the environment as a whole, viewing it as one of the last great wildernesses on the planet. The Falklands currently have nature reserves on several of the smaller islands to protect wildlife there.

There is a hole in the ozone layer that sits right above the Falklands; travelers are encouraged to wear sunscreen and hats!