Geography of Honduras

Honduras is the second-largest country in Central America. It is bordered by Guatemala to the north, El Salvador to the west, and Nicaragua to the south. Its borders are defined by waters. The Caribbean Sea stretches across the sum of Honduras’ coast, and Honduras is bookended by the Rio Montagua and the Rio Coco. These waters also contain a number of islands that fall into Honduras’ territory, both small and large.

Beautiful mountains are the defining feature of inland Honduras. They make up over 80% of the country’s land area. The western mountains are breathtaking, the highest peaks reaching to nearly 9,000 feet. Honduras’ mountain ranges are split by a long depression that runs from north to south and forms the only lowlands in the country’s interior.

The north coast of Honduras is made up of river valleys and low coastal plains. The coast near the Guatemalan border has been heavily developed; the eastern beaches are definitely more welcoming to travelers looking for a little seclusion on their small ship cruise to Honduras. Honduras does have a very short coast along the Pacific, which is somewhat swampy and dotted with mangroves.