A Plethora of Animals

Honduras is particularly rich in birdlife. There are over 700 species of birds that inhabit the country, including rare Harpy eagles and brilliant blue quetzals. Because Honduras has such a diver array of habitatsójungle, coastline, rivers, mountainsóthere is an equally diverse array of wildlife. Primates include spider monkeys and howler monkeys among many others. Rare species such as anteaters and tapirs may be seen by those who are lucky, and those who are very lucky may catch a glimpse of the big cats such as ocelots, pumas, or jaguars. Other animals that may make an appearance on your Honduran cruise are coatis, deer, sloths, several kinds of snakes, and dolphins and turtles on the coast. This list is by no means exhaustive: the wildlife of Honduras is plentiful and colorful!