Mexico Travel Articles

Ralph Lee Hopkins
Photographer capturing the waves of the Sea of Cortez.
Beth Conway
Family on the dunes
Jonathan Brunger
Maya ruins tour
Jonathan Brunger
Fortress overlooking the coast


Adventure Life and the Rainforest Alliance
Adventure Life and the Rainforest Alliance have established a partnership to promote tourism operations that are part of the Rainforest Alliance\'s Best Management Practices in Sustainable Tourism Program.
Aztecs and Mayas
Mexico has been graced by some of the most advanced and fascinating civilizations in the world. From the Olmec, to the Maya, to the Aztec, Mexico\'s culture retains its legendary history.
Baja Marine Life: Magdalena Bay
Receive a brief overview of the type of marine life you might see on a Mexico kayak trip in Baja Sur.
Beaches in Mexico
Read a general overview about some of the most popular and some hidden beach options in Mexico for planning your Mexico vacation.
Dia de los Muertos
Read here a description of the Day of the Dead, which happens every Oct 31st for three days in Mexico. Learn about the culture\'s beliefs surrounding this unique festival or plan your Mexico trip to visit during this time.
Do You Travel Responsibly?
A helpful list of questions to ask your travel company to better understand the type of impact your trip might have on the local people and environment.
Exploring Mexico\'s Copper Canyon & Chiapas On Foot
The landscapes of Mexico provide perfect terrain for adventure pursuits such as rafting, biking and trekking. Two areas in particularly, Chiapas and the Copper Canyon are spectacular for hiking.
Festivals of Mexico
Learn all about the various festivals in Mexico in this brief overview. Select one you might like to include on your Mexico tour!
Mexico Festivals!
From Mexican Independence Day to Our Lady of Guadalupe, take a look at some of Mexico\'s most vibrant and celebrated festivals.
Safety in Mexico
Safety in Mexico Travel - Amidst bad press it is hard to decipher the current situation for Mexico travel. This brief overview helps those looking to take a Mexico tour make an informed decision about safety concerns.
The Ancient Cities of Mexico
A high point of most Mexico vacations is a visit to one of the ancient cities built by the civilizations of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.