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A beautiful lighthouse at sunset.
Traveler on a glacier tour of Alaska.
Adventure Life
Old Sheldon Church Ruins in South Carolina.
Michael S. Nolan
Travelers interacting with the incredibly friendly California Gray Whale.


The Beauty of Scotland’s Fair Isle
Well recognized for the island’s unique knitwear, Scotland’s sparsely populated Fair Isle also offers its visitors beautiful landscape, historic ruins, and phenomenal birding opportunities that will delight the novice and experienced birder alike. Come d
Canada: From Sea to Sea
Canada covers a sizeable portion of the North American continent, spanning from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and up into the Arctic Ocean. There is a lot to experience and discover in this large and beautiful country.
Scotland’s Beautiful Foula Island
Scotland’s Foula Island is characterized for its spectacular flora and fauna and dramatic geographical features. The island also maintains a small population of people who welcome travelers to their tiny homeland. Before you begin your Scotland cruise,
Cruise the Arctic Svalbard Islands
Svalbard is an archipelago situated in the Arctic waters just north of Norway. It offers its visitors arctic landscape and rare wildlife. Learn a little more about what Svalbard has to offers its travelers.
Enjoy a Norway Cruise
Norway is a country of striking natural beauties, as well as a rich culture. Before you begin your travels, learn a little more about what Norway has to offer.
Scotland Cruise to Mousa Island
Explore the island’s ancient stone tower, and the terrific marine birds and mammals that call this region home. Mousa Island is increasingly becoming a popular stop for travelers enjoying a Scotland cruise.
Cruise the Faroe Islands
The North Atlantic harbors a beautiful gathering of secluded isles, known as the Faroe Islands. While influenced by their Norwegian and Danish heritage, the Faroese have a culture uniquely their own.
Arctic Cruise to Frozen Paradise
The North Pole offers its visitors brilliant landscapes and spectacular wildlife. And it also possesses a romantic history of adventurers and explorers of the past who attempted, failed and succeeded in venturing the frozen arctic.
Explore the World’s Largest Island on a Greenland Cruise!
Greenland is covered in over 80% ice, but the climate of this frozen island allows for a unique travel experience, and beautiful natural environmental exploration. Learn a little more about what Greenland has to offer its travelers.
Scotland’s Canna Island
Although small in size, Scotland’s Canna Island offers its visitors incredible birding opportunities and has a number of historic sites to explore.
Discover Iceland on an Adventure Cruise
Don’t be fooled by its name, Iceland offers its visitors a surprisingly temperate climate and beautiful island environment to explore. The country also has a rich culture displayed in its art, literature and music.
Flannan Islands Discovery on a Scotland Cruise
The Flannan Islands are known for their rocky shorelines and legendary mystery. The islands’ natural beauty attracts a variety of birds, and unique marine life can be found in the surrounding waters.
Migulay and Berneray Scottish Isles
Mingulay Island is the largest of the Bishop’s Isles in Scotland. Just south of this isle is Berneray. Both islands do not have human habitants, but instead are home to lush countryside and hundreds of species of marine birds. Discover more about the M
Tour Scotland’s North Rona and Sula Sgeir
The island of Scotland’s North Rona offers its visitors a look at the ancient peoples who once called this region home. There are also fantastic birding opportunities on Rona. Discover what other treasures are hiding in the Scottish isles.
Island Discovery on a Jan Mayen Cruise
Few are familiar with this tiny Norwegian island that has only recently opened it doors to travelers. But Jan Mayen offers a stark and beautiful arctic environment that welcomes the adventurous traveler.
Cruise Finland!
Finland offers plenty of occasions for the outdoor enthusiast to enjoy the local landscape. But the country also has a rich local culture distinctly its own.
Enjoy Scotland Travel to the Islands of St. Kilda
Travelers will enjoy the wildlife and the beautiful landscape of Scotland’s St. Kilda islands. The islands are recognized as a World Heritage site and have natural wonders as well as historic cultures for travelers to discover.
The Ancient History of Iceland
Closely connected with Norway and Denmark, Iceland has an interesting past that includes a revolutionary democracy, the Reformation, as well as the infamous Black Plague. Learn a little more about Iceland’s ancient history before you visit the island.
Canada’s Heritage
Canada has some incredible history with many interesting inhabitants from the Indigenous Peoples of over 25,000 years ago, to Vikings, famous explorer, and the French. The article gives a more in-depth look into the history of Canada.
Finland Travel: A Look at Local History
The history of Finland is closely connected with the country’s great pride in their nation and their local culture. Before you begin your travels, learn a little more about the history of Finland.
The History of Scotland’s St. Kilda Islands
The St. Kilda islands are widely celebrated for their spectacular cliffs and stunning scenery, but they also have a very rich and interesting history. Learn a little more about what you can expect from a visit to Scotland’s St. Kilda islands.
Greenland’s History: Ancient to Modern
Greenland’s artic environment is one of the most influential characters in the island’s history. While the majority of developing nations seem to have a history focused around conquer and protection, Greenland’s history revolves around its inhabitant’s e
The Unique Norway Culture
Norway has a culture distinctly its own. Travelers will discover it in the country’s folk art, music, storytelling as well as its language and architecture.
The Cultural Side of an Arctic Tour
Because the arctic climate can be so severe, it may surprise travelers to learn that the region has a very diverse group of peoples and cultures.
Discover the Local Culture on an Iceland Cruise!
Iceland’s isolation has allowed it to maintain a strong local culture. Influenced by its Nordic ancestors, Iceland culture is found throughout the island’s literature, music, arts and architecture.
Enjoy the Culture of the Faroe Islands
Distinctive and uniquely their own, the Faroe Islands offers its visitors the opportunity to discover a rich local culture.
Culture of Canada
Gain some insight into the culture that has shaped modern Canada. This article is a great step towards learning more about the history and people of this incredible country that is known for having one of the best qualities of life in the world.
The Cultural Discovery of a Finland Tour
The Finns are widely known for their saunas, but the Finnish culture goes well beyond their steam baths. Learn a little more about the local religion, language and the inviting Finnish people.
Learn about Local Culture on a Greenland Cruise
Greenland has a very unique culture, a culture primary developed around the local people’s ability to endure in the artic environment of the island. While the traditional culture of the Inuit has been influenced by the modern-day, the ways of their ances
A Cultural Look into Svalbard Travel
Svalbard, although quite remote and sparsely populated, has a thriving local culture, offering its visitors local art and history, as well as interesting research facilities and museums.
Faroe Islands Tour: An Environmental Discovery
Learn a little more about the Faroe Islands environment from its volcanic formation to its protected fjords. The islands have a unique environment that is continually being shaped by the surrounding ocean.
Finland’s Celebrated Environment
The environment of Finland is one of the most protected and unspoiled regions in Europe. Enjoy the environmental wonders of Finland and the outdoor activities it invites.
Svalbard’s Arctic Environment
A distinctive Arctic environment, Svalbard is covered with glaciers, ice fields, but in the summer months delights visitors with a colorful spread of flowers. This article gives a brief introduction of Svalbard’s environment.
Norway Tour: A Look at the Environment
Norway’s environment is largely preserved for natural forests and tundra. The land is teeming with pine and spruce, as well as wild berries. The sea provides a number of its commercial needs to supplement its lack of farmland.
Environmental Discoveries on an Arctic Cruise
While enjoying a frozen climate, the Arctic has a rich and delicate environment that invites not only the naturalist, but also the scientists, biologist and adventure traveler.
The Environment of Iceland
Before you begin your travels to Iceland, learn a little more about the local environment and how it has shaped the island economy and lifestyle of the Icelandic people.
Environmental Progress
Learn more about how Canada is working to improve the overall environmental welfare of the world. Programs to reduce pollution and help preserve the natural landscape and wildlife habitat are a very important endeavor.
Finland Cuisine: A Tasteful Tour
The Finland cuisine is mainly recognized for its fresh and fantastic meat choices, including the widely popular Makkara (sausage). But there are also plenty of seafood and locally grown vegetables to enjoy as well.
Taste What a Norway Cruise Has to Offer
Norway’s local cuisine is greatly influenced by the surrounding sea, as well as by the large game animals that are found throughout the region. Cheese is also an important part of everyday dishes.
Greenland Cuisine
The local Greenland cuisine is characterized by a variety of wild meat and fish dishes. Sample reindeer meat, halibut, whale skin or dried seal. Greenland’s cuisine will surely leave a lasting impression.
Enjoy the Local Cuisine on a Faroe Islands Tour
The local cuisine of the Faroe Islands is heavily reliant on the surrounding environment. Seafood and marine birds are very common in everyday dishes.
Iceland’s Unique Cuisine
Iceland’s cuisine takes advantage of the local environment, specializing in dishes that use cod, salmon and haddock. But there are also a few culinary surprises in store for those with adventurous palettes.
The Geographic Appeal of a Svalbard Cruise
Svalbard is a group of Arctic islands. Rugged coastlines and glacial wonders, including Europe’s largest glacier, Austfonna, characterize the islands’ geography. Before you begin your Svalbard travel, learn a little more about the islands’ geography.
Discovery the Faroe Islands’ Geography on an Adventure Cruise
Roughly the size of Washington DC, the Faroe Islands have an adventurous geography that includes a rocky coastline.
A Geographic Look at the North Pole
While the geography of the North Pole is characterized by ice and water, these features offer a surprising frozen beauty and add to the intimate appeal of this remote region.
Geography Discover on a Greenland Tour
While the majority of Greenland’s geography is categorized by ice, the large island also has a beautiful rocky coastline. Before you begin your travels learn a little more about Greenland’s geography.
Explore Iceland’s Geography
A land of fire and ice, Iceland has an incredible geography that beckons travelers with its geysers, hot springs, volcanoes, and commanding glaciers.
The Geography of Norway
Norway’s geography is celebrated for its mountains and fjords that offer travelers an opportunity to see the stunning beauty of the Arctic.
The Environment and Geography of Jan Mayen
Jan Mayen is a volcanic island. Its geography consists of interesting rock formations and is dominated by Europe’s most active volcano, Beerenberg. Only 230 square miles, this tiny island offers its travelers a unique environment to explore.
Canada: A Land of Plenty
Canada is unique in that is the second-largest nation with the lowest population density in the world. This leaves it with a vast amount of untouched land great for exploring and experience some amazing natural wonders of the world.
Geographical Exploration on a Finland Cruise
The Finland geography includes dense forests, marshes and bogs, rolling plains and miles of coastline. Explore the multiple landscapes that Finland has to offer.
The History of Jan Mayen
The history of Jan Mayen includes the whaling industry and has been graced by some of history’s most famous explorers such as Henry Hudson and John Clarke. Today, the island is home to a handful of people who work in an important navigation station.
Recent Canadian History
Get to know Canada's history within the 20th century through this small but interesting article.
Svalbard Travel: A Historic Look into the Region
From its early encounters with the Vikings to its current actions with the Global Crop Diversity Trust, the islands of Svalbard have an interesting history to offer its visitors.
The History of the Faroe Islands
The Faroe Islands have seen their share of settlers and rulers, from Irish monks to the Kingdom of Denmark. Learn a little more on the islands history, and its impact on modern-day Faroe.
Arctic Travel: A Look into History
The history of the North Pole is characterized by explorers and adventurers looking to venture to one of the most coveted and remote locations in the world. Before you join the long line of North Pole explorers, learn a little more about the region’s his
Iceland’s Modern History: What You Should Know Before Your Tour
This article gives a brief look at the modern history of Iceland. Iceland’s modern history can be characterized by the country’s economic growth, stemming from World War II. Today, the island remains a strong independent country, debating its role withi
Iceland Travel: Learn About the Local Politics
Iceland is the world’s oldest democracy. Its citizens are active participants in their local politics; nearly 85% of eligible voters make it to the polls during an election. Before you begin your Iceland travel, learn about the local politics.
The Politics of Jan Mayen
Jan Mayen is a Norwegian territory and visitors will be subject to Norway’s laws when traveling in Jan Mayen. Read a little more about the local politics of the island.
Finland Politics: What you should Know Before you Travel
Finland’s political structure is based on the Swedish civil law system. The current president is Tarja Halonen. Learn a little more about the local politics before you begin your Finland travel.
Politics the Canadian Way
This brief article provides a quick overview of Canada's government. Learn more about how it functions, political parties, and their pursuit for peace.
Svalbard’s Local Island Politics
Officially a part of Norway, Svalbard has a local governor and assistant governor administrating the local politics. Get a brief introduction to Svalbard’s island politics.
Norway Travel: What You Should Know About Local Politics
Learn a little more about Norway’s political system – its political parties, its legislative body and its judicial branch – before you begin your travels to the country.
The Politics of Faroe Islands
While primarily self-governing, the Faroe Islands are currently under the control of Denmark. The Faroese elect two local islanders to represent them in the Danish Parliament.
Greenland Politics
Officially under Danish rule, Greenland has a strong local government. Before you begin your Greenland travel, learn a little more about the island’s politics.
Canada's Weather Diversity
The weather in Canada has some amazing extremes from as low as -40 up to 100 degrees fahrenheit. Read through this article and be better prepared for your next trip to Canada.
Experience Arctic Weather on a Svalbard Cruise
Although located in the far northern region of the Arctic, Svalbard has a surprisingly temperate climate, making a cruise to the island available nearly year round. Learn what you can expect from the Svalbard’s weather, and the best time to plan your tra
Norway’s Weather
Norway is very seasonal; its weather ranges from harsh winters to warm summers where the sun lingers for extra long hours during the day. Each season has different experiences to offer visitors to Norway.
Faroe Islands Cruise: Plan for the Weather
The weather in the Faroe Islands can be predictably unpredictable. Whether visiting in the summer or ever-dark winter months, be sure to pack accordingly.
Finland’s Weather
Finland’s weather can certainly bring harsh winters and wet summers, but because of its location on the Gulf Stream the weather is surprisingly temperate.
Greenland’s Artic Weather
Greenland has very cold, yet very beautiful winters. The most popular time to visit the island is during the summer, where the temperatures can linger in the mild 60s. Learn a little more about Greenland’s weather.
Iceland’s Welcoming Weather
Iceland has a surprisingly temperate climate, and each season offers its own delights. Whether visiting in the winter, or in the long sunny summer days, learn a little more about what you can expect from Iceland weather.
The Weather in the North Pole
Whether you are planning a trip to the Arctic for the summer or winter months, learn what you can expect from the regional weather.
What to Expect from the Weather on Jan Mayen
While the temperature on Jan Mayen remains fairly stagnant, seasonal weather varies. Depending on the time of year, learn what you can expect from the weather on Jan Mayen.
Discover the Rare Wildlife of Finland
Although there is plenty of wildlife in the Finland forests, most of the animals are quite elusive and hard to spot. However, the bears, wolves, elf and wolverine are a spectacular sight when seen in their natural habitat.
The Wildlife on an Iceland Cruise
Iceland’s wildlife is primarilyy characterized by its large variety of marine species, both in the freshwater and surrounding ocean. The island also has a number of native birds. Learn a little more about the wildlife found in Iceland.
Wildlife Wonders on an Arctic Trip
While the variety of species may be limited, the Arctic has a number of incredibly unique and rare birds, mammals and marine wildlife to offer its travelers. Those looking for wildlife discovery will not be disappointed with a tour of the Arctic.
Greenland Wildlife
Though Greenland does not offer an extremely large variety of wildlife species, it does have incredibly unique and rare wildlife to discover including polar bear, musk oxen, artic fox and walrus.
Jan Mayen Wildlife
Jan Mayen offers travelers a number of birding opportunities. Marine wildlife, including seals and whales, also fill the island’s surrounding waters. Read more about the wildlife found on Jan Mayen.
The Wilds of Canada
The abundance of wildlife in Canada makes it an ideal place to explore. Grizzlies, wolves, and bison make their home here as well as a plethora of marine life including the amazing humpback whale.
The Wild-side of a Svalbard Cruise
From the dozens of bird species, to the rare and elusive polar bear, Svalbard offers visitors excellent wildlife viewing opportunities on land and in the surrounding waters.
Faroe Islands Wildlife
Birders and fishermen are sure to enjoy the wildlife of the Faroe Islands. But any traveler interested in rare marine wildlife is sure to find the Faroe Islands an inviting destination to visit.
Arctic Cruise Journal - Betty Wittels
Read the first-hand account of traveler, Betty Wittels, and her experiences in the Arctic. Betty traveled to the Arctic onboard the research ship, Professor Molchanov.
Comparing the Two Polar Regions: Antarctica and Arctic Cruising
Comparing the Arctic and Antarctic environments, geographical properties, climates, wildlife, and amenities produces some rather profound realizations about expectations and real-world discovery.
Arctic Cruises to Spitsbergen Island!
Explore the celebrated shores of Spitsbergen, the largest islands of the Arctic Svalbard archipelago. Natural beauty, local culture and wildlife-wonders await on this Arctic adventure!
Arctic Cruise: When to Go?
Though the austere Arctic landscape is often imagined to be a cold white wasteland, the brief months of summer see the flora blossoming and the fauna emerging from their long winter dormancy. Find out the best time to visit the Arctic.


Great Lakes Cruise Sights
A brief explanation of the main sights and ports of call on a Great Lakes cruise.


Why visit Mexico?
A brief overview of what you might encounter on a Mexico Tour.
Mythical Mexico
Mexico, land of the Aztecs, Maya, and Spanish conquistadors. This beautiful country is full of myths and legends, and the mysterious stone ruins that guard them.
Aztecs and Mayas
Mexico has been graced by some of the most advanced and fascinating civilizations in the world. From the Olmec, to the Maya, to the Aztec, Mexico\'s culture retains its legendary history.
Colorful Culture of Mexico
Mexico is home to some incredibly rich culture that has extended from varying civilization as well as new settlers to the Americas. This article will give some in-depth insight into the history and culture of Mexico.
Mexico's Environmental Quandary
Read more about the environmental challenges that face Mexico especially the ones presented by Mexico City and it's 15 million inhabitants.
How to make Ceviche
Watch a brief video exploring the art of making Ceviche in Mexico. Travel blogger Cailin O\'Neil share a video from her cooking class.
Tamales and Quesadillas
One of the many highlights of Mexico is its well known and delicious cuisine. The options are endless and you can enjoy many varieties of this cuisine as you travel throughout Mexico.
From Mountain Ranges to Endless Beaches
This article provides a detailed look at the unique geography of the many areas of Mexico. Get a better idea of what region of Mexico would be the most appealing for your next vacation.
Mexico: After the Conquistadors
This article gives some in-depth knowledge into the history of Mexico that has been plagued by many wars. Learn more about the Mexican War of Independence, the Mexican-American War, and the Mexican Revolution in this informative article.
Mexico's Current Politics
This article will help you to gain a better understanding of Mexico's current government situation. Learn about what has happened politically for Mexico in only the passed ten years.
Weather in Mexico
This brief article will give you a better understanding of the weather in Mexico throughout the seasons and the different areas. Read through this before planning your next trip and get a better idea of when the best time to go is.
Mexican Wildlife
Mexico is home to some incredibly diverse landscapes which make great homes for a variety of wildlife. It is also bordered by many oceans that give access to an abundance of incredible marine life. Find out more through this informative article.
Mexico Festivals!
From Mexican Independence Day to Our Lady of Guadalupe, take a look at some of Mexico\'s most vibrant and celebrated festivals.
The Ancient Cities of Mexico
A high point of most Mexico vacations is a visit to one of the ancient cities built by the civilizations of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.
Safety in Mexico
Safety in Mexico Travel - Amidst bad press it is hard to decipher the current situation for Mexico travel. This brief overview helps those looking to take a Mexico tour make an informed decision about safety concerns.
Adventure Life and the Rainforest Alliance
Adventure Life and the Rainforest Alliance have established a partnership to promote tourism operations that are part of the Rainforest Alliance\'s Best Management Practices in Sustainable Tourism Program.
Dia de los Muertos
Read here a description of the Day of the Dead, which happens every Oct 31st for three days in Mexico. Learn about the culture\'s beliefs surrounding this unique festival or plan your Mexico trip to visit during this time.
Beaches in Mexico
Read a general overview about some of the most popular and some hidden beach options in Mexico for planning your Mexico vacation.
Exploring Mexico\'s Copper Canyon & Chiapas On Foot
The landscapes of Mexico provide perfect terrain for adventure pursuits such as rafting, biking and trekking. Two areas in particularly, Chiapas and the Copper Canyon are spectacular for hiking.
Do You Travel Responsibly?
A helpful list of questions to ask your travel company to better understand the type of impact your trip might have on the local people and environment.
Festivals of Mexico
Learn all about the various festivals in Mexico in this brief overview. Select one you might like to include on your Mexico tour!
Baja Marine Life: Magdalena Bay
Receive a brief overview of the type of marine life you might see on a Mexico kayak trip in Baja Sur.