Panama, Graced with Sun & Sand

Panama’s natural landscapes make a person truly appreciate the wonders of nature. The Isthmus of Panama is strategically located between two oceans and two continents. Panama encompasses natural and environmental riches found in no other country in the world. Panama’s natural landscapes and beaches are the ideal spot to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Panama tours include visits to beautiful beaches with white sand, palm trees, soothing breezes and unforgettably colorful sunsets. For those who want to swim, sunbathe or simply enjoy a soothing, peaceful landscape, Panama has it all, just minutes from its metropolitan centers.

Off the country’s north coast, in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, lies the extensive Bocas del Toro archipelago, located at the entrance to Chiriquí Lagoon. Composed of nine islands, 51 keys and over 200 islets, the archipelago shines with clear blue waters, and a beautiful collection of coral reefs and beaches that serve as breeding grounds for many species of marine and terrestrial life. These protected areas are vital for the preservation of sea turtles and the endangered manatee. Some favorite beaches for relaxing and sun bathing are Cayo Zapatilla Beach in Colón Island and Boca del Drago Beach in Bocas del Toro Province. Among the beautiful beaches of western Panama Province are Cermeño, Gorgona, Coronado and Punta Barco beaches, which sparkle with both white and black sands.

The southern coast, bordering the Pacific Ocean, offers visitors the opportunity to experience exceptional mangroves, which are the ideal habitat for the initial stages of development of shrimp, other crustaceans and mollusks. The “Isla de Caña” wildlife refuge receives thousands of sea turtles, which come to lay their eggs between August and November, making the area an attraction well worth seeing. The southern coast is also known for its popular beaches. Among them, Las Lajas, El Palmar, Río Mar and Santa Catalina beaches in Veraguas Province--the latter is the perfect spot for surfing.

Information sourced from IPAT