Peru Travel Articles

Machu Picchu Clouds
Les Moore
Girls with llamas at Pisac markets
Betty Jaramillo
Machu Picchu: No picture compares with seen it there.
Machu Picchu By Train
Allison De Jong
A local woman weaves in the market
Len Meyers


A Dramatic Landscape
Learn more about the breathtaking Peruvian landscapes that cover this large country. This article educates on the incredible wonders that Peru has to offer its visitors.
A Note from Peru\'s Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco
Over the years Adventure Life has provided on-going support to the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC). Here is a note from the director.
A Note from Peru\'s Mantay Shelter
Over the years Adventure Life has provided on-going support to Peru\'s Mantay Shelter. Here is a note from the director of Mantay, Raquel Garcia.
A Note from the Cachiccata Community in Peru
Adventure Life a long-standing relationship with Peru\'s Cachiccata community. Here is a note from the president of the community.
About the Sacred Valley
The Urubamba Valley, or Sacred Valley of the Incas, is a setting of picturesque communities, impressive terraces and many important archeological sites. Learn about the valley and Ollantaytambo, a typical Inca community located 21 km from Urubamba.
Activities and Weather
Activities and weather tips for Amazon jungle tours
Adventure Life and the Rainforest Alliance
Adventure Life and the Rainforest Alliance have established a partnership to promote tourism operations that are part of the Rainforest Alliance\'s Best Management Practices in Sustainable Tourism Program.
Advice for High Altitude
Tips for coping with high altitude on your Adventure Life tour.
Ancient Peru Brewery - SALUD!
An ancient brewery of the Wari Empire was found. Twenty ceramic 10 to 15 gallon vats suggest that this was much more than a Mom-and-Pop-shop. In fact, it may be the oldest large-scale brewery ever found in the Andes.
Ancient Symbols in the Sand
Written by a traveler on our Panoramic Peru tour, this article from the New York Times is about the famed Nazca lines of Peru and other highlights such as Islas Ballestas and the mummies of Chauchilla.
Andean Music and Dance
A traveler's description of Andean music, instruments used in Ecuadorian music, and the role that music and dance play in Andean culture.
Bus Stop
Adventure Life Alumni Stephanie and Craig Smith have been busy traveling with us everywhere from Peru to Belize to Guatemala and down to Chile. On their first trip with us in Peru, they offered a group of school kids in the campo a ride home from school.
Coca: Much More Than a Simple Plant
The coca leaf has been entrenched in every part of Peruvian culture for as long as people have lived in this region of the world. It is a part of religious and spiritual ceremonies, business transaction and family celebration.
Community Grants
Adventure Life has an annual, ongoing grant program that provides funding for small, grassroots projects in the countries we visit. Organizations and/or projects are nominated by our local partners.
Country of Contrasts
Read through a traveler\'s impressions of Peru\'s Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Puno, Arequipa, and the Amazon jungle of Peru. It includes a short description also of the Inti Raymi festival, or Andean Festival of the Sun.
Cusco - The Sacred City
Cusco is also both a mestizo and colonial city. Here is the legend and history of the colonial city, Peru\'s main tourist destination.
Cusco\'s Golden Corn
One traveler describes his adventures in Cusco and some legends that their guide used to entertain them along the way.
DarAnne's Peru Travel Journal
We're travelers, just like you. Read DarAnne's Peru travel journal - it offers a personal and intimate look at what you could encounter on your own Peru tour.
Do You Travel Responsibly?
A helpful list of questions to ask your travel company to better understand the type of impact your trip might have on the local people and environment.
Health Tips for Going to the Jungle
Health advice for Amazon tours, including advice for avoiding traveler\'s diarrhea and malaria, as well as recommended vaccinations and boosters.
Hiking the Inca Trail
A short description of Peru's Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu, including a rough daily itinerary.
Holiday Travel Tips for Your Adventure Trips!
Planning for great holiday travel is about being smart and traveling well — work out all the kinks in advance, keep a cool head, and you’ll set yourself up for smooth-sailing.
Inca Trail Regulation Changes Affect Last Minute Options
To better manage the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu Sanctuary, Peruvian authorities have placed tighter limits on the trail. The changes make last minute booking for the Inca Trail more difficult.
Incas and Rainforest: Travelers' Thoughts
A traveler describes his experience on the Incas and Rainforest tour. Highlights include Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and Cusco.
Inka Porter Project
Inspiration for Diane Dandeneau\'s art show came from her travels to the Inka ruins. Profits from her show got to the Inka Porter Project. Find out more about the porters and efforts to help their communities.
Jungle Packing Tips
Essentials and useful items for your Amazon jungle trip. For an Amazon adventure trip everyone should pack accordingly.
Las Fiestas Patrias
Visit Peru and Ecuador during independence days, celebrated as Las Fiestas Patrias. Their holidays, both observed near the end of July, commemorate the birthday of military leader Simon Bolivar. A look at the history of Peru and Ecuador's quest for indepe
Last Minute Inca Trail
New restrictions to hiking the Inca Trail have been added recently. Learn more about the new reservation system and what it means for travelers.
Mantay Shelter in Cusco, Peru: Making a World of a Difference
The Mantay Shelter in Cusco, Peru continues to provide imperative education and support to young, single mothers and their children. Learn about how you can help contribute to Mantay.
Mary's Peru Travel Journal
Adventure Life trip coordinator Mary Camp shares her travel journal from a recent trip to Peru. Mary and her husband Steve joined a group of our travelers on the Panoramic Peru tour, and then journeyed into the Amazon to visit Tambopata Research Center.
Mountains of Peru
The Andes cut across Peru from north to south and mold its geography and with it, the landscape and the people. These mountains form the largest concentration of snow peaks of the Americas. Learn more about their wildlife and beautiful treks.
My Dream Come True
One traveler describes her two week trip to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Amazon.
Mysterious Machu Picchu
Read an account of how Peru\'s famous ruins of Machu Picchu were discovered and theories about Inca city\'s former function. Check out some tips and information on hiking around Machu Picchu.
Observing Macaws
Find out the best way to capture great pictures of macaws at Tambopata\'s Clay Lick in the Amazon where hundreds of parrots and small green macaws descend to eat clay.
Our Friends in Peru say THANK YOU
Travel entails an invaluable relationship between visitors and hosts. Their success is our success. Here are a few organizations and communities in Peru that we are more than pleased to offer our support.
Panoramic Peru Travel Journal
Harold and Karen Greig traveled with us on our Panoramic Peru trip on September 22 thru October 8, 2006. They wrote a fantastic travel journal outlining their day-by-day activities. We very much enjoyed it. We hope you will too!
People, Mountains and Spirits in the Andes
The Andes Mountain Range includes so much more than an unforgettable trekking circuit. The rural countryside of the Andes and its inhabitant offer travelers true contact with the beauty, culture and mystery of the Andes.
Peru Has 3,000 Annual Festivals that Beckon Travelers
Peru travel offers the chance to experience an unbelievable synthesis of festivals and celebrations varying from Christian traditions to ancestral rites, carnivals, dance contests, and grape harvest parties.
Peru Overview
Here is a brief overview of Peru including history, culture, religion, food, and language. Take a look before your trip.
Peru Trekking Circuits
From the highest tropical peaks to jade-colored crystalline lakes, traveling Peru on foot offers breathtaking views and unforgettable encounters with nature.
Peru\'s Colca Canyon
Colca Canyon, the world\'s deepest canyon, is home to the Collagua people and is one of the best places to visit to spot the Andean condor.
Peruvian Passion for Food
Discover Peru\'s culinary treasures on our new tour. In recent years Peruvian gastronomy has continued to progress, drawing on the legacy of our regional culinary styles, accepting influences from other parts of the world and giving full rein to the creat
Pisco, Peru
Take a tour through Pisco, Peru to become familiar with its sites and the layout of the city. It is a very beautiful destination with vibration local life and popular Peruvian cuisine.
Preserving Weaving Traditions in Peru
The Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC) is a non-profit organization established in 1996. The center is dedicated to recapturing and aiding the survival of Incan textile traditions and providing support to weaving communities.
Sacred Valley Journey- Part 1
Travel Journal for Peru explaining sites and activities of interest in and around the Sacred Valley, an area visited on most of our Peru tours.
Sacred Valley Journey- Part 2
Continuing the second half of his Peru Travel Journal, the author speaks more about the Pisac ruins, Sacred Valley and the village of Ollantaytambo.
Secondary Inca trail leads to rewards
Kendra Gonnerman traveled with her friend Mary on our Cachiccata Trek in Peru. The following in an article Kendra wrote about her experiences during her trip. It was published in the Arizona Republic on July 10, 2005.
Sharma's Peru Travel Journal
We're travelers just like you! Read Sharma's Peru travel journal and about her adventures on our Machu Picchu Pilgrimage and Lake Titicaca tour.
Solving the Mysteries of Tipping
Questions regarding tipping adequate are some of the most common concerns travelers have when visiting a foreign country. And unfortunately, there is not a straight-forward, yes or no, answer to the tipping question. But we can offer some suggestions.
South American Packing Essentials
Packing advice, including a list of recommended essentials for trips to South America
Tambopata Conservation: A Letter from Charles Munn
A letter from Charles Munn, Senior Conservation Zoologist at the Wildlife Conservation Society, discussing the nature of the tropical forest around Tambopata Nature Reserve in Peru.
Tambopata Research Center
The Tambopata Research Center is a spartan yet comfortable 13 bedroom lodge built to accommodate Peru travelers and researchers alike while protecting the adjacent macaw clay lick.
The Peruvian Amazon – It\'s for the Birds
Bird watching tips for first-timers, plus information on species that reside in the Manu and Tambopata regions of the Peruvian Amazon
Thousands of Inca Mummies Raised from Their Graves
Thousands of Inca mummies have been discovered in excavations outside Lima, Peru. Learn about the artifacts uncovered and the information they give us aobut the Inca empire.
Tips on Capturing Your Travels
Get some helpful advice and tips on how to best capture your travels - wildlife, landscape, people and more -- on film.
To Weave for the Sun: Andean Weaving
A history of the textiles and Andean weavings that you'll find throughout Latin America, discover what you'll find while traveling thru indigenous markets like Ecuador's Otavalo market and the Pisac market of Peru.
Travel in Peru
Two travelers describe their adventures in Peru including Cusco, the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, and the Nazca Lines.