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African carvings are a traditional from of art and culture.
Adventure Life
A close up of a type of traditional dress worn in Africa.
Wildlife tour in  Africa
3 Best Safari Lodges of Kruger National Park
3 Best South Africa Tours and Safari Lodges of Kruger National Park
3 Truths & a Lie: Ebola in Africa and the Ecology of Fear
The media has created hysteria over the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Here is how you can...
Africa Safari Guide to Wildlife Viewing
See the best times to spot specific wildlife while on Africa Safari. This helpful chart allows you to specify by species so that you can optimize your Africa tour experience.
Best Time to Visit Africa
View our chart to discover the best time to visit Africa. Recommendations are based on rainfall patterns, weather, and best wildlife viewing opportunities on Africa tours.
South Africa Safari: 10 Zany Creatures You Never Even Knew Existed
How well do you know your South Africa safari wildlife? Take the Test...
South Africa Tours
If you're looking for the best South African tours that pack the most bang for their buck, then these 3 tours have...
South Africa Tours: 15 South Africa Adventures for 2015
Here's your 2015 guide for great day trips and adventures in South Africa
South Africa Tours: 7 Amazing Destinations!
7 Amazing South Africa Tours and Destinations that will leave you wanting more
What to Expect on a South Africa Safari: A How-To Guide to Help you Prepare for Your Trip
Are you prepared for your South Africa safari? Here is a how-to guide that will help you know what to expect