Uruguay Travel Articles

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La Pedrera beach, Uruguay
Jonathan Brunger
Playa Brava Monumento Mano, Punta del Este
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Carnaval in Montevideo, Uruguay
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Exploring the streets of Colonia.
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The vineyard at Bodega Juanico
Current Politics
Brush up on your political knowledge of Uruguay with this brief but very informative article about the current political status of Uruguay.
Geographical Exploration on a Uruguay Cruise
Get an overview of the beautiful landscape that might be visited while on a cruise around Uruguay. There are some amazing coastal areas that boast of beautiful beaches. Also learn more about the Rio de la Plata and its estuary that opens into the ocean.
The Four Faces of Uruguay: Interior, the Littoral, Greater Montevideo, and the Coast
Every region of Uruguay has its own unique charms from bustling metropolis to historic estancias. Discover more about the varying landscape and regions of Uruguay.
The Gaucho Diet
The cuisine of Uruguay has been heavily influenced by the Mediterranean as well as by the ranching community. Learn more about this delicious cuisine in this very informative article.
The Natives
Get to know the native people of Uruguay, the Charrua, and their history dealing with the Spanish and Portuguese settlement in this area.
Treasured Uruguay Environment
Uruguay has managed to be the least polluted countries in South America though it does deal with it's share of environmental troubles. Become more informed on these issues through this short article.
Uruguay is a small country nestled between Argentina and Brazil. It boasts a beautiful coastline along the Atlantic with beaches, sand dunes, and the occasional clear blue lagoon. Before you travel, get to know a little more about this tiny treasure.
Uruguay Culinary Traditions Estancias to Wine Country
Uruguay is a country with an abundance of cuisine and national dishes. Despite being one of the smallest countries in South America Uruguay holds its own in terms of culinary traditions.
Uruguay: After Colonization
Learn more about the history of Uruguay after Spain and Portugal settled then and fought over who would control the country. It continued struggle is illustrated more in this article about Uruguay's modern history.
Uruguayan Culture
The gaucho tradition has heavily influenced the culture of Uruguay due to the success of cattle ranching in this area. Read more about the different aspects of Uruguay culture that have been influenced by this such as art and music.
This article will help you get a feel for what the weather is like in Uruguay at different times of the years. This knowledge can help assist you while planning a trip to Uruguay.
Uruguay has a variety of wildlife roaming its landscape. A variety of birds roam the skies, tortoises and lizards live by the river, and armadillos and wildcats roam the plains.