Bali to Cairns Cruise

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Snorkel the vibrant waters of the South Pacific
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North Australian bush
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The Ulun Danau Temple in Bali
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A pair of dragons on Komodo Island
Adventure Life
Snorkle off of Cairns, the gateway to Australia's Great Barrier Reef
SeaDream Yacht Club
See the sights from the comfort of the SeaDream II
SeaDream Yacht Club
Relax by the pool as you sail on the SeaDream II
Sail the blue waters of the South Pacific on this 15-day cruise! Stop on the islands of Satonde, Komodo, and Larantuka before making port in Australia. The beautiful coral reef systems are ideal for snorkeling.

Day 1


    Arrive in Bali and board the SeaDream II for your South Pacific Adventure! Settle in to you cabin and familiarize yourself with the ship and her crew as you set sail.

    Day 2

      Satonde Island

      Sail through the narrow strait which separates tiny Satonde Island from Sumbawa's northern shore. The volcanic island is uninhabited and a trail leads from the natural pumice-lined beach to the interior and volanoe caldera. Inside the partially collapsed volcanic crater, the island's salt lake, fed by an underground channel, is well known among a small group of devoted fans. Mysterious stone monuments appear to mark ancient burial sites.

      Day 3

        Komodo Island

        Best known for its indigenous Komodo Dragons, Komodo Island is a fascinating port of call. The giant monitor lizards can grow to more than 9 ft long and weigh up to 300 lbs. Join a park ranger to encounter and meet the Komodo Dragons, which are incredible in size and legend.

        Day 4


          Sail for Larantuka and the village of Flores. Portuguese influence persists to this day, and the people of Flores are predominantly Christian. The island is 220 miles long, but the main road is double that. Relentlessly undulating terrain accounts for the difference. Larantuka, the tiny capital of East Flores Regency, is nestled snugly between the sea and looming Gunung Ile Mandiri.

          Day 5

            Kupang, West Timor

            Arrive on Timor, the driest of the Indonesian Islands and a peculiar climate which favors sandalwood trees. Many people believe that fragrant groves once covered both Timor and neighboring Sumba. The island was introduced to Christian faith by missionaries, but Timor is largely a Muslim nation.

            Day 6


              Arrive in the port of Dili on lofty Atauro Island. Cave paintings, pottery shards, and stone relics suggest people have lived in the region for at least 4,000 years. The earliest written reference to the island comes from a 13th-century Chinese navigational logbook. The nation of Timor L'este won its independence in May 2002, but Portuguese influence is on full display. Join a guide for a historical Land Adventure and scenic drive around the island.

              Day 7

                At Sea

                Relax on board as you sail for Darwin, Australia.

                Day 8

                  Darwin, Northern Territories

                  Arrive in Darwin and disembark to experience the traditional Aborigine culture. In 1839, Lt. John Lort Stokes of the HMS Beagle named the city Darwin to honor the famous naturalist, though Charles Darwin never saw the port. Hearty Darwinians are fond of celebrations – any excuse will do. Join an optional flightseeing adventure to Kakadu National Park or visit the Crocodiles at Litchfield Park.

                  Day 9

                    Seven Spirit Bay, Northern Territory

                    Arrive on Australia's Coburg Peninsula and visit Seven Spirit Bay. British settlers tried to establish a community on the bay in the early days, but it failed and the ruins at Port Essington are the only proof of the endeavor.

                    Day 10

                      At Sea

                      Enjoy the scenic South Pacific as you sail for Thursday Island.

                      Day 11

                        Thursday Island

                        In the morning, arrive on Thursday Island, known as Waiben among the indigenous Kaurareg people. Related to the earliest Australians, their ancestors were likely stranded at the end of the last ice age when large sections of the land bridge linking Papua New Guinea and Far North Queensland sank beneath the waves. Nature has used every color to paint the local scenery – especially every subtle shade of blue. Join an optional excursion and visit the neighboring Wednesday or Friday Islands.

                        Day 12

                          At Sea

                          Spend the day on board the SeaDream II as you sail for Cooktown.

                          Day 13

                            Cooktown, Queensland

                            Arrive in Cooktown, a sliver of tropical Australian determination set beside a remote stretch of the Coral Sea. The quaint town has not changed much since Captain James Cook beached the HMS Endeavour on the south bank of the town river. This event qualifies Cooktown as Australia’s first European settlement.

                            Day 14

                              Port Douglas, Queensland

                              Explore Port Douglas, an isolated region which originally served as the home for gold miners. Cristofero Palmerston, one of the hopeful gold-seekers, cut a trail to the coast and it was not long before others followed his path. The town was established soon after.

                              Day 15


                                Arrive in Cairns and disembark the SeaDream II. Before transferring to the airport, set off to explore this cosmopolitan Australian city. Cairns serves as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and is very popular with international travelers. The city is surrounded by rainforest and can be used as a gateway to destinations such as Kuranda and the Daintree.

                                - All fares are posted in USD and are based off of double occupancy. Single and triple rates are available upon request.
                                - Cruise fares do not include Governmental, Port, Document Issuance, Handling and Service fees. Please see pricing for additional fees.